Ah, you must have one of the calculators with the driver error. There's a fix for that somewhere on ticalc.org, Godfather had the same problem. Re: the Mem Error: just archive some of your programs.
yeah, the diagonal LCD is a hardware issue... there was a discussion about it on the Calcgames.org forums a while back...

i know theres a mirage version that counteracts it, but i think Kerm would have to redo some DCS source code to fix it...
I would. There's a hook patch though on ticalc.org, I meant, just search for 84 ticalc.org display bug on Google.
My calculator is screwed up? Mad
I've ben looking for that. people bug me on why there games are screwed up on their calc, and now, I can give them this little ray of hope. YAY!!! Very Happy
Can't use that...I have an 83+.
Your using the Doors Fastcopy routine for the display right? If so then all you need to do is use call LCDBUSYQUICK for your delays in it instead of your own. You can equate it to a certain location found in the LCD section of learn assembly in 28 days. I think that should fix it Smile
Iiinteresting. Could you find out more about that for me please? Smile
Meh....can I just hack together 2 cables that will work with program that came with my brother's calculator? Like take two different cables (USB, ...kind that plugs into calculator) and tape them together?

Yes, I know I could spend 20 bucks and buy a connecting kit thing. But where's the fun in that? Very Happy I spend all my money on paintball anyway...
Uhhh, I don't know, that might degrade signal quality a lot...
So yeah, the best idea is probably to just get the adapter. Smile
*bump* Please bump your topic if you're editing an 8-year-old topic. What brings you back to us? Smile
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