Maybe. Miss me? Razz

Just rediscovered this site so I might be around every once in a while. School started so I'll be attempting to make some new games to amuse me during boring periods... Wink

I completely forget everything I knew about programming in Basic, hopefully I can remember some stuff as I go...

I like what you've done to the place.
Thanks, we all hope yo enjoy your stay. I joined this site in March, and forgot about it till the first release of the Elite BASIC guide or something like that first release, which was mid to late may, and from there, I have over 1000 posts. Amazing what a little doecumant can do.
Hey, welcome back!
You can download said "doecumant" here: . Welcome back, even though I don't remember you. Smile
Laughing Yay for tpyso.
Laughing Nice. Make sure you register for gCn!
What's that? Is that the thing from the e-mail?

The e-mail is what reminded me about this site.
I think we should make a Cemetech Newsletter, people can sign up for it, and on a so often basis, Kerm writes it up, and Mass Emails to all gorup members.
Registered for what??
Now your calculator will be recognized as a valid gCn client.
Whenever Kerm gets around to working on gCn...Razz
Why are most of the old topics dead? Sad
Site was )-(acked earlier this summer. All of the old topics before were deleted. All that remains are the topic names. Sad
if you notice, in General Open Topic, any with problems I found, were locked.
Yeah, it would be cool if someone would do that for the rest of the site...
i did so in comp/computer open topic the day after rivereye did in general...

i would help, but i cant...

lets just say: "mass locking is the best"
...Mass?! As in every topic?! Laughing Just Joking
My brother got DoorsCS5 on his calculator, and it didn't work. He kept getting memory errors. Then I put it on mine, and the screen was going diagonal. Sad
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