Handsome interface!
just a minor update.

There is a new program in the vidlistmaker folder, called vidlistmakerGUI.exe - and its pretty straightforward. Simply fill in the fields, hit Create, and it makes gets all the songs from that URL

Here's an example using the Foo Fighters:

URL: http://music.yahoo.com/ar-315767-videos--Foo-Fighters
Artist: Foo Fighters
Playlist: MyList (note: THIS CANNOT HAVE SPACES!!!!)

If you are adding to a list, just check the "Append?", and then hit create (note: if you want to append, you MUST leave the playlist in the vidlistmaker folder, otherwise it will not append. I have no clue why, i tried copying the list from the usrlists folder automatically from within the program, but for whatever reason, it wouldn't work, and i couldn't figure out why. so if you want to append, make sure the list you are appending is already in the vidlistmaker folder - by default it does copy the newly created list to the usrlists folder, and leaves a copy for appending, so if you just don't delete any of the temp files, you'll never have to worry about it Wink )

then just hit create, and fire up launchgui.exe, and in the side column, you should see MyList

Even tho it is minor, since folder structure is important, i went ahead and repackaged the whole thing (using a smaller version of wget, shaved about .5mb off the self-extractor, and about 1.5mb after extracted)

Hah...took me a while to figure it out (didn't see MyList on the side... Rolling Eyes ) but I got it now.


Can everyone else see my list of stuff I added?

I only wanted to add one song but it added all of the band's songs, but whatever.
no one can see your stuff

It is only able to add every song on the artist's videos page....cause i'm too lazy to add selectors and shit, thats the point of the playlist at the bottom Rolling Eyes
Very nice. I'm impressed how this project is coming along, you should sell it to Yahoo. Smile
thanks Very Happy (course, yahoo would just stick ads and shit in it Bad Idea )
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