JatolEconomy.com (my webhost) wrote:
"An era has come to an end, a great experiment has run it’s course. A
while back we here at Jatol came upon an idea to offer what we dubbed
Economy plans, offer huge plans for very low cost by limiting the
support we offered. These plans were targeted to the advanced users out
there and we expected it would be wildly successful, and in the
beginning it proved to be just that as sales took off. However, over
time sales have slowed and we are seeing more growth in our regular
Linux and Windows hosting plans. So, after the meetings, the analyzing,
the discussions, a decision has been made to shut down our Economy
and redirect our efforts there back to our core Linux and Windows
hosting. As of this evening, we are no longer offering Economy plans to
the public and all traffic from our Economy site will be directed to
main Linux hosting pages. So, if you are an Economy client, where does
this leave you?

Fear not, we will not abandon our Economy clients, in fact you will
actually benefit from this decision. First, we will start moving your
sites to one of our main servers, moving you from a single cpu based
server to a dual Xeon server. Second, CGI and larger mailing rates will
be allowed. And most importantly, you will now have full use of our
extremely successful HelpDesk system. Additionally, you will retain
current storage and bandwidth levels, at the same cost as you pay now,
as long as you do not upgrade or downgrade your account, at which time
then you would be moved over to our Linux plans. All in all, we think
this is a win/win plan for everyone."

Now that you all have seen this
(http://www.jatol.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8396) it is time for you
to start scheduling your account moves with us. We will start moving
people right away and want to have them all moved by July 10th.
Now as you can see this will give everyone some time to still enjoy the
4th and get over to this new server, so please send me an e-mail
to reschedule the time with us.
We will transfer the entire site from one server to the other and
then edit the DNS Zone file on the old (current) server to point to the
new server which will make the DNS Update switch much smoother for
everyone! I will be doing 99% of all the moves, so please pick sometime
during the below weekly work reschedule that we can both be around to move
your site.

Mon - Thurs 7PM-10PM MST (sometimes as late at 12am)
Sat 4PM - 10PM MST

Respond ASAP, as anyone we have not heard from by the 10th will be
moved and told after the move. If you have a very good reason why we
should not move till after the 10th or during different hours than I
listed please let us know so we can try and work with you Smile

Logan Rogers-Follis - logan@jatol.com
-== Windows Administrator / Linux Assistant Administrator ==-
-** A+ Certified Technician **-
-/| Jatol Internet Services, Inc. - www.jatol.com |\-
I was going to order one of those packs next week!
alex10819 wrote:
I was going to order one of those packs next week!
Wait... seriously?! No way....

Anyway, I stay with $30/year, get a faster server, and will only have a few hours of downtime, so it's all good in my book. When I outgrow this hosting, I'm probably going to switch to one that gcsm showed me.
Ok... that's some crap... now where can i get roughly the same price for hosting (dont need terribly much) without major problems?
Well, I hope my server sticks with it for a while longer, till I can get around to getting my own host. Wink
@Alex: I dunno ... I'm actually starting to like this place. Remember how slow it was when we first started?
TIFreak8x: They're still giving me hosting.... Shock
what do you mean...? Calcgames is hosting you as well, or ... umm, I don't know what else... o.O
No, I mean that Jatol is not shutting my hosting down. They're removing the plan I signed up with, but since I already had it, I get to keep the price, get the same package on faster servers, and add CGI support.
OOOHHH I understand now. Smile

Calcgames is still hosting me. I just meant that I hope nothing happens because eventually I would like a .org or .net domain name...
I gotcha. I just wasn't sure if you realized this didn't mean I had to go look for new hosting.
I hope this works out well for you. Now, if only Incognito will keep their servers up, I would be happy.
Well, we're officially no longer on domitian.jatoleconomy.com. We've moved to a dual-proc, 6gb RAM server, now with CGI support etc. Enjoy!
so the move has been completed, this rocks (I guess that explains the lag in the SAX box).
Lag? On the contrary, it's going much, much faster for me...
wrong choice of words. I meant the GAP (like a 5 hour one).
Ah, ok. Yup, that's what it was, and I lost 2 posts in the move. Sad
We're on a quad xeon
allynfolksjr wrote:
We're on a quad xeon
Nice! The only thing that's really cpu-intensive here is the Multiplicity engine.
Actually during BTS two years ago (if I recall correctly), we were using like 40% CPU of the server. It seems we had some pretty nasty bugs with our scripts. :/
40%!? I don't even use that much on my Windows tablet PC...
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