It has been a very, very long time since I wrote some TI-BASIC; I figured I might as well combine a bit of coding with SourceCoder bug-searching and bug-fixing, so I made a new version of my venerable Bike 3D v1.0 and released two programs applicable to digital control systems. Originally released in March 2003, Bike 3D v1.0 was criticized for being way too easy and handling high scores poorly. Bike 3D v2.0 fixes all reported issues, adds two difficulty levels and much more challenging gameplay, and plenty of speed and size optimizations. Jury's Stability Criterion Solver computes the Jury's Stability Criterion table given the polynomial characteristic equation of a digital control system. It both determines whether the system is stable (in other words, if the first term of every odd row is positive) and displays the criterion table used to determine the stability of the system. The basis of the algorithm for this program was found in "Advanced Modern Control System Theory and Design" by Stanley M. Shinners, John Wiley & Sons, 1998. It was originally published in several papers including "A simplified stability criterion for linear discrete systems" (Proc IRE 50, 1493) in 1962. Polynomial Division v1.0 was also written for digital control systems, and performs polynomial division on arbitrary numerator and denominator polynomials. It accepts any pair of n-degree numerator and m-degree denominator, where {n,m}>=0 and n does not necessarily equal m. The program will produce successive terms until a remainder of zero is achieved or the user presses [Clear], whichever occurs first. It is particularly useful for calculating the finite impulse response of a digital control system.

All three of these programs are Doors CS 6.0+ optimized, and the first two are available for TI-83, TI-83+/SE, and TI-84+/SE calculators. The third is available only for TI-83+/SE/84+SE calculators. Bike 3D v1.0, Jury's Stability Criterion Solver, and Polynomial Division v1.0 are all available from the Cemetech File Archives or from my profile.

Left to right: Bike 3D v2.0, Jury's Stability Criterion Solver, Polynomial Division v1.0
Polynomial Division v1.0 was written also written

Sorry, it bugged me, had to fix it.

I am sure the programs will be useful to someone. Razz
Hopefully there are other electrical engineers out there that work with control systems, in other words. Razz
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