That's right! The public beta of TBM2 has finally been released.

Post reviews here!
hope its chock full of security holes and malicious scripts, just like TBM 1!!! Laughing Rolling Eyes
its a heck of a lot faster then the first one, atleast during the game, the disconnect screen froze up a bit but that doesn't matter, seems like it'll make me play blockland again
yeah, TBM2.0 Kerm, do recomend we have a tbm1.0 folder, just incase?
Yeah, I'm keeping both. Keep in mind that you must have TBM2 to play Cemetech City. Smile
Ok, I thought so. That is good to know. I figured as much on the TBM2.0 part.
Good. I have it up now if anyone's interested...
Wish my computer would work.
Wish my calculator wasn't broken... Sad
I guess we all have our gripes.
Indeed, this is true.
We can try and do things, or gripe.
Exactly. Which is why I hope my email to TI comes to fruition.
yeah. I hope you didn't open the calc yet, did you?
Rolling Eyes Of course not... Smile
That would void the warranty.
well, that is good. They would be able to tell.
Surprised How?/
not sure, but they have there ways. if you open it, you may leave damage that you don't relize.
Uh, OK, so good thing I didn't. Smile
yeah, I openend mine up once, nothing really special in there. My warrenty is expiered anyways, so it doesn't matter really anyways.
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