I have made an application in z80, and i am searching about how i can launch this application from TI-basic and send 2 parameters/variables to this application.
I have heard about "parser hook", but i want to be able to use symbolic in my ti-basic application so i don't want to delete symbolic's parser hook ..

What is the simplest way to do that ?

Sorry for my english, i'm french, if you don't understand something, ask me...

Welcome to Cemetech, Pierre, hope you enjoy your stay. That's pretty easy, all you need is a z80 ASM program that you call from your TI-BASIC program that will launch the app. You can store the parameters that you want to pass to the application in two variables, such as A and B, and just recall those (the routines to do this are pretty simple). Does that make sense? I'll see if I can find some code around my hard drive to do this.
Alternatively, if you only care to support the 84-series, you could use OpenLib/ExecLib, which wouldn't require any additional support code beyond the hook in your app.

Wikiti has docs on that:
thanks for your really fast answers !
i have a 83 plus calculator so i will use the solution of KermMartian.
Great to hear. Let us know how it turns out, and if you need anymore help with it Smile
Thanks for your help this is the code i have made.

.module Program
ExecuteApp = 4C51h

   ld hl, AppVarMaths      
   bcall(_Mov9toop1)           ;moves the name to OP1
   bcall(_ChkFindSym)           ;see if the var exist
   JP NC,modifierAppVar   ;if exist, modify
   JP creerAppVar   ;else create var

   ld hl,appMathsName
   ld de,progToEdit
   ld bc,5

    inc de
    inc de
    ex de, hl
    push hl
   ld hl,1                                 ; 1st element
       bcall(_GetLtoOp1)               ; get element
   bcall(_ConvOp1)                 ; put result in de
    pop hl
    ld (hl), d
    inc hl
    ld (hl), e
    inc hl
    inc hl
    push hl
   ld hl,2                                 ; 2nd element
       bcall(_GetLtoOp1)               ; get element
   bcall(_ConvOp1)                 ; put result in de
    pop hl    
    ld (hl), d
    inc hl
    ld (hl), e
   jp launchAPP

   ld hl,AppVarMaths
   rst rMOV9ToOP1
   ld hl,32
    jp modifierAppVar

   .db "Maths"
   .db AppVarObj, "MathsVar", 0

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