Thanks. I might not get around to playing for a few days, I have a lot of homework.
well, it only works when Kerm is on
Details. Why is that? >(<') (?)(?)
Because Ultimate Dev'r hasn't fixed the permenant server yet... Evil or Very Mad
I hope it is all being worked on. Kerm will personally show you where blub is, I hope.
I think I'm going to add a map in the tower. I'll put a notice to that effect on the CC2 billboard.
that works too.
Indeed. And I finished it.
It looks good
Cool. I might get a chance to install/play this weekend, but it's doubtful.
>(<') Blub commands that all Blubsters download the logo program. You can find it on my website, at the link icon below.
Blub is in my #tcpa info line. When I join the channel, efneti86 says
[rivereye] >(<') All Hail Blub
Blub is in my #tcpa info line. When I join the channel, efneti86 says
[rivereye] >(<') All Hail Blub

Blub commends you for your excellence in spreading the word >(^')
Not only that, but he is on the wallpaper of my laptop, and I am thinking about doing it also for the computer I use a school. The only thing, is that very few people can acces the drive it will be on.
Too bad Sad .
If anyone can make an assembly program that displays Blub as a background on calcs, that would be cool. I think there's a pi background program on ticalc that can be modified to do that.
We all look to Kerm to hlep, or maybe Chipmaster, now that he is one of us
Kerm or Chipmaster? Could you do this?
Doubleposting because I think that this topic has been dead for so long no one else would post in it.
I just had a brainstorm:
All Blubsters should display ">(<')" in their ticalc page user title (top of page). That would help spread the word of Blub very quickly, not to mention being absolutely hilarious!!! Laughing
I have it on calchaven, going to put it on TI-Freakware soon, maybe MCP, and of course, it is on Rivereye Studios and here. That is a good idea, also, my #tcpa sign on info line is
efneti86 wrote:
>(<') All Hail Blub

Also, the Blub Club is basically dead at Rivereye Studios (where are you guys?)
Yeah. Two Blubsters isn't nearly enough.
yeah, if you count me and jon (you haven't been there for a while), XX has been a part of the site for a while, and Kerm and TI-Freak8x have yet to join
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