Because no one tells the n00bs about it, and they usually don't figure it out for a while.
benryves wrote:
SirCmpwn wrote:
This class serializes and deserializes objects into a simple, binary format that has a small file size.
Simple, yes, as it's just a complete dump of the object from memory, warts and all. This does however mean that the file is comparatively large and may break between versions of an application. Consider using the XmlSerializer instead (which only serialises public properties by default), or write your own as is appropriate for the job in hand.

BinarySerialization gives the smallest file sizes by a pretty significant amount. XmlSerialization is typical orders of magnitude larger.

@SirCmpwn: This is really getting rather pathetic. You should really just stop posting these "tips". Also, here's a tutorial for you since it seems that after 5 years you really haven't learned much:
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