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I'm a collector of alarm sound effects and enjoy using them as cell phone ring tones. Here are some of the ones I've managed to locate:

Atlantis alarms:




BattleStar Galactica:

(turn down your sound, this is loud)

Radialogical alarm used on Battlestar Pegasus.



Star Trek:

Voyager Red Alert: http://tifreakware.net/alarms/redalert3.mp3

Voyager Blue Alert: http://tifreakware.net/alarms/bluealert.wav

Generations Enterprise D: http://tifreakware.net/alarms/redalert_gen.mp3

Computer warning: http://tifreakware.net/alarms/WARNING.WAV

Feel free to post up links to good audio files of various emergency alerts and such.
Here's Lt. Gaeta saying his usual "action stations" alarm on Battlestar Galactica. I feel like that fits the category.

Hm, I'd love to get the first 2 seconds as an mp3, an alarm I don't have yet Very Happy

I ended up despising Gaeta after the first watch through, and don't like him at all now. Neutral Yes, I hold a grudge with a fictional character.
tifreak8x: I was bored and decided to make this, the first 2 seconds of the Action Stations!
Asian: I posted links to .wav and .mp3, as those are the only formats that work for me.

Updating the first topic with another alert. Added Voyager Blue Alert, which is sounded when a vessel enters an atmosphere intending to land on the surface.
I'm looking for a particular klaxon, found on DS9's Defiant when the crew is ordered to abandon ship.

This is as close as I've come to it:


You can hear it start sounding after about 4 seconds of audio. I'm wondering if we have any talented audio people here that might be willing/able to clear out his voice, music and other background noise to get at just the alarm, or if it's even possible?
tifreak8x wrote:

I ended up despising Gaeta after the first watch through, and don't like him at all now. Neutral Yes, I hold a grudge with a fictional character.

Don't hate on him. It's not his fault the writers were terrible and decided to throw him under a bus because they didn't know what else to do.
Speaking of phone noises, I put together a group of tones from DEFCON, Klaxons, and other bits a few years ago.


The most assortment is in "Ringtones," but "Notifications" and "Alarms" are likely more apropos to this thread.
Thanks, I'll check'em out Very Happy
just had this popup, what people will try to get your money. worth grabbing the audio file though.

my attempt at linking audio files.
Uploaded the Radiological alert used by Battlestar Galactica, http://tifreakware.net/alarms/BSGradiationalarm.mp3

The search continues.. Smile
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