Hello everyone!

On the discord server, we have a channel specifically for discussing 3d printing, as there are enough people there that own a printer and want to talk about it that it merits its own place. Though there are a few topics with 3d printing in mind, we lack a thread for sharing cool prints in the same theme as the photography topic.

I particularly enjoy printing geometric shapes- the first thing I printed after getting my printer (at the time, a Monoprice Select Mini V2) and running the test file were the platonic solids, because I think they look cool on my desk.

When I came across this video which provided a model for a helicoidal cubic trisection, I knew it would be pretty cool to print them in the chinesium metallic filaments I bought off amazon (the cheaper filaments thus far have worked fine for me- they just require a little bit of wrangling to figure out temperatures since the temperature isn't quite consistent all the time. On the other hand, my hatchbox PLA worked right out of the box and produced gorgeous prints with no issues, whatever)

Here's an imgur album with the results

Metallic filaments are very sensitive to sudden changes in speed and direction, so hiding the z-seam is an easy trick that you can do to improve the surface quality of your prints. I printed an example where I did not hide the z-seams and you can see it on the left in the image below (click to enlarge)

There's an excellent video by chep where he explains the technique in Cura
This is awesome, nice work! And that surface quality on the right is impressive!
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