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I'm surprised no one else has posted anything here recently...

Got a shot of the moon the other night. Shot on a 200mm. Click for full size
I suppose I should post about my giant macro photo of the TI-84 Plus CE PCB. I took the images several years ago, but couldn't get a good composite image. A few days ago, though, I tried again, and got success. You can also look at one of my uncorrected images.

Image not embedded to avoid hammering unsuspecting users with a 65 megapixel image.
During the Winter season, a trip to the snow is about 4 hours away. However, snow came within 40 minutes so of course we had to venture up. Being the usual sun-spoiled Californians' none of us were prepared - except for the part where pretty much everyone still buys 4WD trucks - but it was so worth it.

Close to Home by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
That's a great shot! Love how you captured the road in the snowy landscape. Makes me want to drive there.

You didn't mention what you shot that with, I assume a drone? If so, what drone? Or was it shot from atop a hill?
Shot with my phone at the top! I brought my camera but left the memory card in my car; we took a friends truck up. I also forgot Mini Me at home Sad

Captured this using Lightroom Mobile CC so I could shoot in DNG/RAW. I would like a drone but its not a want or a need. I have friends with drones if I ever need to use one, weve got a few projects lined up with the drone though!
I took a picture of the Motorola SC414181FG16 ASIC in a TI-92 yesterday.

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