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People make art with a pinhole camera and old commie knockoff lenses. Stop chasing technical perfection and actually make something.
allynfolksjr wrote:
People make art with a pinhole camera and old commie knockoff lenses. Stop chasing technical perfection and actually make something.

This just in: Nikky doesn't understand the difference between subjective and objective.

To be subjective is to be influenced by ones personal feelings, tastes, and opinions. Much to your likely surprise, art is highly subjective and to no ones surprise, your opinion of me is pretty negative. Personally, I wouldn't call the photo of your dwelling art or is this a photo from under your bridge? The highlights are bloomed and there's no interesting point that brings my attention anywhere. But worse photos have been posted under the guise of art -- and we all know you're going to say my photos are a prime example of that. But I'm happy for you, seems like you're doing pretty well for yourself living with the same mud you throw Smile

I have no idea what I did to deserve this level of obsession you show towards me; I am 100% amazed as to how passionately hateful you are with everything I do. It's as if you take it all personally and I find that to be a really weird form of flattery. So, thanks? I've had very few people obsess over me but never for this long or this thoroughly. I'm going to continue doing what I do because I enjoy it and I have the disposable income to do it. If you take personal offense to my decisions and actions then I don't know what else to tell you.

Because of your long standing disdain towards me, anything you say constructively - or even in good faith - is ignored and written off as a troll. You can work on improving that but I don't think my perception of you is ever going to swing positively. I hope you never change, Nikky, because seeing you so riled up over me is instantly the best part of my day - heck, sometimes even my weekend!

Good Idea
rekt.... I don't do "good" photos, or I'd post them here Razz

I'll probably look through everything I've taken and see if there's anything I can contribute...
P.S. All my pics are with a phone camera set to "Auto", so I can't compare with y'all, with those fancy cameras...
SM84CE wrote:
I don't do "good" photos, or I'd post them here Razz

Please do! Michael posted a photo of a train, John posted photos from a vacation he went on, TheLastMillenial posted a photo of the Super Moon and of some clouds.

I just tend to oversaturate the posts here because I'm passionate about photography, but I also really love seeing the photos you guys take as well! There's nothing wrong with auto; that's what I used when I started. If you'd like to improve say so and we can give feedback and answer any questions. I look forward to seeing the photos you share with us Smile
Alex wrote:
Trains are always welcome ;D Were you train spotting or just stopped at a crossing?

I was spotting right near Derry, Pennsylvania. Taking a walk around the park hoping a train would come soon.

Coming here and visiting my grandma up at her cottage nearby is actually a childhood memory for me, and the trains have always been part of that memory. I remember putting coins on the tracks when I was young to get them flattened, which of course seems very dangerous in retrospect. Fun, but dangerous.

In addition, the trains make an absolutely amazing sound when you hear the horns coming through the trees from a distance. Especially when I'm on the sleeping porch up at the cottage, it creates such an ambient and nostalgic noise that makes it super relaxing when I fall asleep.

Okay, but enough backstory Razz

I did actually post this train in the Train Photography thread a while ago but it seems no one noticed, ha. Here's the full video.

Yes! I remember putting pennies on train tracks as well. I don't have any other childhood memories though. I rode a small steam train through a forest for a wedding last year, as they did the first kiss the whistle went off and I can agree that hearing it through the trees was awesome. I can only imagine what a horn would sound like. I occasionally ride the train to a satellite office due to the lack of parking (and the fact that the office is RIGHT across the street from the stop) so I hear the horn but I'm sure it's nothing like being in a forest or hearing it across a huge open plains though.

While trains aren't a huge interest of mine, I am fascinated by them. I was coming home from a drone competition last year and on my way out of the event I got stuck behind a train crossing. This massively long train just going by. Then it slows to a stop. It felt like it sat there for 15 minutes before another train came by the opposite direction, shortly after the first train carried on its way and I was free to cross. I can only find one photo but I'm sure I took more.

However, I don't understand train-spotting, and likely never will. So I don't get much from that video other than appreciating this incredibly heavy piece of machinery traveling at an incredible speed.
Me: "Hey maybe you should focus less on gear chasing and more on photography."
Not actually a photograph, but rather just a graph (a pork-chop plot, but a very pretty one Laughing ) of the launch window between Kerbin and Eeloo in KSP

I don't know what I'm looking at. Seems like 200, 426, and 639 days from epoch are three of the worst to launch. What's with the two lines intersecting in the deep blue shape? Is that pinpointing the perfect day to leave?

Went star gazing with a group of friends. Showed a few of them how to photograph the stars and got them hooked on it Very Happy This is one photo, not a composite; I used an app called "Holographium," which I haven't used for about 8 years to add the text into the photo.

IMG_9729.jpg by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

Also found a new location for some non-Milky Way star photos. So I'll need to go back with maybe my 50mm. I shot this at 14mm and severely cropped it down.

IMG_9732.jpg by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
Here's a terrible photo of Jupiter taken with my phone through a telescope at ~110x magnification.

I think the spot at center-bottom is Callisto.

Presumably I'll be able to get much better shots with a proper mounting solution for a better camera than my phone, but I'm rather pleased with this result even if the phone camera looks much worse than it does in real life.
For a phone, that's incredible! I can't imagine what you could get with a mounted camera.

I think I heard you mention that this was cropped (so there's not so much space). Did you zoom in any on your phone as well or was the only magnification from the telescope?
Alex wrote:
I don't know what I'm looking at. Seems like 200, 426, and 639 days from epoch are three of the worst to launch. What's with the two lines intersecting in the deep blue shape? Is that pinpointing the perfect day to leave?

It all depends on how long you want the journey to take. The two outer red stripes (the ones you called 200 and 639) are the 2 best Hohmann transfers, except that if the two bodies don't have the same inclination and you want a Hohmann transfer to take any other amount of time besides the optimal one, you need your transfer orbit to be nearly perpendicular to the orbital plane of your two bodies (which entails huge burns at both ends of your trip). In this case, Kerbin is said to have an inclination of 0 (because it is what other bodies are compared to), and Eeloo one of 6.15. This means that the transfer's orbital plane isn't going to be flat. If both bodies had the same inclination, then I wouldn't expect there to be those 2 spikes. As for the center stripe (the one you called 426), that's just because the bodies really aren't aligned well and therefore, it's a bad window no matter how long you want the trip to take Laughing
Went to do more star photos but there was some pretty heavy fog. So we decided to stay in the local beach town and explore the wharf and boardwalk.

This is a two minute long exposure (really 2m15s). I shot this at a super small aperture (f/22) to achieve the stars on the light sources. I don't usually shoot nightlife, nor get the sun in a photo so I've never had the chance to do this. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Also played around with alternate cropping (16:9) because the water reflections didn't go all the way to the bottom of the frame and I feel that this gives it more of a wide angle feel.

Two Minutes by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

I took a photo of my friends Dippin Dots, and was really wishing I had that Sigma 20mm f/1.8 from earlier this year for this shot. (1) For the shallower depth of field and (2) for the autofocus but it's pretty close!

Not Mine by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
I've been waiting on this for a while. I preordered the Arsenal on IndieGoGo last year and it was suppose to be in my hands by February 2018. That never happened and I started to feel like I got snubbed. But the creators continued to be open about problems and, in August, I got sent a tracking number.

This unit is "supposed" to use AI and other fancy calculations to take the best photo. Which, I think is BS. I still need to frame and set up the shot, this gizmo does the rest. I'm not sure how this will help with general photography but I'm eager to put it through it's paces.

AI + Photography by Alex Glanville, on Flickr
So you don't know what it does, don't think it'll work, and bought it anyway?

Here's some multimodal freight traffic for y'all
IMG_9419 by Nikky, on Flickr

Double post merged
allynfolksjr wrote:
So you don't know what it does

Where did I say that?
Seagull friend by Nikky, on Flickr
Went out to photograph the Milky Way, one last time before the season ends. Went somewhere new and loved the location. Played around a bit more with the 50mm but instead of being far away - like in my last photo - I was a tad closer.

IMG_1500.jpg by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

I was really ecstatic to see that I was able to get some new color out of the Milky Way, notably a teal and purple. I'm not sure of the reason but I'm looking into it and seeing if a similar editing technique can bring that color out in other photos.

I also really the size of myself in the frame. Not a fan of placement but a 50mm lens won't give me tons of room but ultimately I want to silhouette myself against the galactic core.

Possibilities by Alex Glanville, on Flickr

I tried to silhouette myself against the sunset but failed when my friend flashed his light my way. I have other photos but I changed poses in each one and this was the only pose I liked. My train of thought here was that if I face the camera, I can more easily see when it's done taking a photo. Oh well. haha.

I'm looking forward to photographing more stars over winter, figuring out ways to lower the noise in my photos and work towards better processing. I'm planning to get into proper astrophotography because I feel like it'll allow me to work on processing Milky Way photos over Winter; I imagine processing DSOs like nebulae and galaxies will ultimately help develop this skill. However, it means that I likely won't be able to achieve results using a single RAW file but hopefully I'll be able to learn how to do more with a single RAW so I can still claim that there's no photoshop or composite editing involved.
So I am a complete noob when it comes to astrophotography. I went on a camping trip recently though and made some good attempts. These are all shot with a Nikon D5500, I had both a 55-200mm lens and a 18-55mm lens. Brought a tripod with me, and learned a lot about long exposure and ISO settings.

Click on the image for full quality.

Clouds and stars.

A very bright moon among a sky full of stars.

Definitely need a longer lens to get better, closer shots of the moon.

More clouds, more stars, and there is a mountain in the frame.

My personal favorite for now, a long exposure of a campfire glow. The person in the shot is standing next to the fire, not in it, by the way.
Those are great shots Michael! I really like that Moon photo. Looks like you need a sturdier tripod for the star photos though Razz
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