Remember the SiCoDe version of Lode Runner? I looked at the code... and I hate to say it was HORRIBLE!!!! Sad but I have good news! I just saved a bunch of mone... wait... not that news... Laughing

I've decided to make my own Lode Runner game in beautiful BASIC for the 83+, this game will be using NO SiCoDe code, all code is MINE!!!! ALL MINE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! err... sorry Laughing all I need to do is make 19 more levels, add some passwords... and get someone to put it BACK on the calc after I write the text file... (My computer hates my calc Sad ...) then I'm all set!

any ideas? levels maybe? the levels are stored in lists, so if you want to make a level ether PM me the list or text...

for the list, "0" is empty, "1" is solid (ALL of the bottem HAS to be solid), "2" is ladder, and "3" is coin. the list is 128 spaces of level, then comes the player starting point (V,H) then the enemy starting point (one enemy only! (V,H)) then the door (V,H).

for just text, the format should be an 8x16 (put it in the CODE tags) and a " " is empty, "0" is solid, "H" is ladder, "*" is coin, "X" is player start, "#" is enemy start, and "A" is door.
Awesome! Got any screenshots?
must try it out.
sorry... screenies have to be hand made Sad and I haven't the effort right now... although it LOOKS like the SiCoDe one... but anyone who knows me knows I don't copy code...
Excellent, can't wait to see it!
same here
Lode runner will load levels in 2 ways.

MY levels or anyone elses that knows how to do it will be stored in a program (acually 5 diffrent available programs prgmLODELVL#) and the user created levels (only 5 can be made) will be in list form (LRUN#) there will only be 5 user levels because of the current size (1222b) although this is a BETA hehe... but a d*** good beta Very Happy
Well, I will have to try it out.
I would just like to say "Welcome!" to CDI. Welcome CDI!
Yeah, welcome, let us know when this is done. (I am so used to seing you everywhere, I never notice when you join a site)
hehe... I thought I was on the old one... Very Happy as for the game... this'll come out prolly tomorrow? and the DEV kit is extremely easy to use... (but not for noobs) oh, and thanks for welcoming... FYI, I'm staff at Omimaga, Admin at CalcHaven, Extreme Regular at CalcGames, and uber BASIC programmer... (but not nearly as good as Kerm)
I don't think anyone could compare with Kerm
:blush: Hey, thanks guys! Hope I live up to your adulations.
WAAAAHHHH!!!!! Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying WAHHHH!!!!!!

Peter_W from #tcpa was supposed to acually take the text form of Lode Runner and make it a .8xp file (I'd explain here) but he didn't do it by the end of yesterday... and i can't find him...

WAAAAHHHH!!!!! Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying WAHHHH!!!!!!
Umm, I'm sure one of the members here would do it if you asked nicely...
I might once I get my new computer going.
hehe... he did it... last night... but it was buggy, now I have to press out the crinks Very Happy (I have worse release date problem than Rare)
riiiight... I suck... It's done, and stuck on me calc til later this week...

it WILL come out tho...
Most excellent. Can't wait!
MOST AWSOME BEST GAME #1!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneexcmationmark !!!!!!!!!

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