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I know it is a little early to be asking, but is it a good idea to update or should we hold off for a bit?
I updated because I wanted to persuade my math teacher to use 'better' math software in class (she won't let us use any third-party apps).

If you want every game/omnicalc and such to work, stay at 2.43. Else (for math), upgrade.
Most of the features present in 2.53MP can be done in PrettyPrint or other third-party apps.
one problem i found was that doing an operation with imaginary numbers that results with a decimal, that when trying to use the >Frac command it returns an error which did not happen with other OS versions.

for example "(5+9i)/(6-6i)"

this equals "-.3333333333+ 1.16666667i"

when doing "ans >frac"

it gives me a data type error. can someone confirm this?
I guess you cannot display complex numbers as fraction. (the Data Type CPX != REAL)

I'll try it.
After reading all this, I have elected to stay with OS v2.40. Rejoice and be glad.
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