Feel free to post in this thread. Just label the category of function it is, and explain what it is.

For starters, I just incorporated the proximity resource by Orion Elenzil.

AI Behavior Scripting


// Basically these allow you to get a value between two players
// which is based on the distance between the players and how much each one is facing the other.
// the value is the same from each player's point of view.
// this is really just two workhorse functions and a bunch of conveniences on top.
// the two workhorses are:
// rangeRadial  : distance = 0     yields: 1.
//              : distance = range yields: 0.
//              : distance > range yields: negative values.
// rangeAngular : angle    = 0     yields: 1.
//              : angle    = range yields: 0.
//              : angle    > range yields: negative values.
// the rest of the functions are just combinations of these.
// "directed" is just rangeRadial * rangeAngular, with negative values pre-clamped to zero.
// "mutual"   is just the average of the given range function for each point of view.
// So for example the mutual directed range of two players is highest when they're near and facing each other,
// and gets smaller as either one turns or moves away.
// The functions behave well in degenerate situations. (ie, they don't divide by zero)
proxRangeRadial(%posA, %posB, %rangeA);

proxRangeDirected(%transformA, %posB, %rangeAngA);
proxRangeDirected(%transformA, %posB, %rangeA, %rangeAngA);

proxRangeMutualRadial(%posA, %posB, %rangeA, %rangeB);
proxRangeMutualDirected(%transformA, %transformB, %rangeA, %rangeB, %rangeAngA, %rangeAngB);

>: echo(getMaterialNames("core/data/shapes/player/left/shield.dts"));
>: echo(getMaterialNames("core/data/shapes/bricks/baseplate32.dts"));

This is useful for dynamically changing the pallet in the colors dialog.
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