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Texas Instruments Reveals newest product.

In a special online meeting Saturday, August 20, 2005, three Calc Haven Admins (specifically, Jc, Alex10819, and XX) were present to discuss something very special with the marketing department at Texas Instruments. It turns out that they found Calc Haven a while back, and decided that almost every member was "worthy of a neat surprise". So they unleashed their programmers to creat something new. The "Calc Haven TI-Connect Special Editon" is a newer version of TI-Connect, with somewhat improved functionality, and it features Happy Calc in several locations (including the main splash screen). While this special edition has not been released to the public just yet, it should be released within a month or so. TI would like to stress that this version does have some interesting features, including a button on the main page that links you directly to, and improved USB connectivity.

Since i know you probably think this is a hoax, or perhaps some sort of fake news, I have prepared a short (20 second) video of the Pre-Beta release, which still has some fine tuning to be done. (Namely, the Calc Haven link button is rather ugly)... you can find this video at:

I hope you will all remember to download your copy when it is released, since this will be a limited time only event!
yay, can't wait. This is not a hoax
Thaaaat's a hoax. Smile
I have it on my computer right now. I was able to get a hold of the last copy availble, I think. Right now, I can't wait to see it finished
I think I know how they did it - it's pretty easy to cfhange the artwork in the program, I could do the same with Cemetech logos. Smile
of course you would say that Kerm, thats pretty close to what Kevin (from omnimaga) said... "Thats a hoax!"
Laughing Because I think it is. Smile

Now I saw the video, and I'm positive it's a hoax Smile
i'll believe it when i've downloaded it from TI's site Laughing
I definitely don't believe it - note how the calchaven button is just a missing button from the original Smile
fine Kerm... i will personally email you a copy next chance i get...
Kerm, I've used, and it is better than Connect it self.
Oh really? What's changed? Smile
hehe... gigs up... Kerm was right... it was a fake (i redid the artwork myself!)

the whole thing was a big CH joke, Rivereye went along cuz i sent him a copy... you may download the version from the CH forum store (for forum money, not real) as soon as i put it on the net somewhere...
It was fun while it lasted. Where you able to change the last logo or not?
Laughing Ha! I knew it! Smile
Nicely done, though.
Only part was a hoax, the program existed, but TI didn't help at all with it.
No, I realize that, I could mod my own copy to have Cemetech stuff in it if you want. Very Happy
Precisely, and nicely done. Cool
heh... it wasnt hard... i was hoping a few people would actually go join the site, but nooo...

huh... it would appear im an Admin on another little known calc groups forums... i've lost count...
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