Huh? In two years you're going to be in wrote:
An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color.
I've never met rivereye in real life, but I never knew he was that abstract.
Some people are strange like that. It would be interesting to see anyone cut up into pieces of paper and glued to another piece of paper Laughing .
I can be strange, but not that strange. Going to fix right now.
No! No! Leave it so that future readers of this topic will understand what this is about! Re-edit it if you already have! Surprised
Ok, I will, but will make a note of what it is supposed to be.
Ok. Blub says thanks for aiding his secret plot. >(^')
I just got some of these Su Doku puzzles this week...I've done tham ~3 years ago...they're not those puzzles were up to 36, not 9 (much more interesting...
wow, that is cool, I need to print out some to try, the nine one though. just made a Killer version - it's insane.
Sudoku made it to the front page of the "Everyday" section (its the best section - its got the funnies! Wink ) in the newspapaer here. they did this big special on it, know alot of kids at school are playing Sudoku
I wish my paper would do Su Doku, maybe I should request it.
Just buy a book, then you can do as many as you want a day.
Until you run out :(...I'm getting on making one for 68k with solver and generator from 3x3 to 9x9 with 2 save states per and such... Just to let you know, I love options in programs...makes things much more customizable...
Exactly. You probably found the sitre with teh same formulae as me. Smile
Two misspellings in one post?! Wow, you must be off your game today, Kerm. Laughing

@Kirb: By 3x3, I take it you mean each subregion is 3x3?

@Kerm: A link for us lazy people, perhaps?
gee, thanks.

I'm basically porting that.
Wow...good luck on making that into z80...I can just copy/paste (most of it)...yes, the number in the nxn is the number/side/region. Making generators and solvers (although only one is technically needed for all sizes) for those should be fun... :)
I made a solving algorithm (not a program) for 4x4 sudokus with 2x2 subsquares, I' trying to adapt it to 9x9s.
Ah, see, the problem with my custommade solver is it can do easy and medium ones but not harder puzzles because it can't think ahead the way a human player can and juggle multiple possibilities at once. Sad
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