If Kerm could post a copy of his solver (hint,hint Wink ) I could reverse the solving process and get a generator. It wouldn't be too hard.
Kuro wrote:
If someone made a Basic sudoku generator that would be cool.

Actually, someone emailed me asking about this the day I released the program whether or not I could do that. I told them I was considering it and would do some research into whether it was feasible or not.
I could help if you want it, all I need is to know the basic layout of how the game works.
Nah, don't worry about it. The actual coding is a one-man job, and you won't be much help in research since you've never played it before.
ok, I just need a project to work on, and I am out of ideas (not that I had any to begin with)
You could make an idea generator program Laughing
yeah, if only that was really possible.
It sould just spit out old Atari, NES, and SNES game titles...those would be great games to be made...
I'm not looking to copy anyone though, and most of those games are already ported
Lol, rivereye, always so serious. Laughing
I don't like it when people copy me, so I won't copy them.
Fair enough. Don't worry, guys, I've got a generator that will be bundled with the solver. :Lol:
Once again, Kerm saves the day with sheer genius and tons of hard work.
yeah, and another dealy towed DCS6
Very Happy You mean "delay towards"? It shan't delay DCS6 too much.
Well, are you going to post it or not?
Hey may not have it done yet, we shall see.
I hope so. I tried making a solver but couldn't find an effective way to search the spaces.
Yeah, things are pretty hectic with college starting and everything, I haven't had a lot of free time this past week.
yeah, two years and I am in collage.

Edit: it should be college (done this way by request)
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