So has anyone here heard of it? Play it? Because let me tell you, I'm happily addicted. Anyway, I was thinking about writing a su doku assistant program because I think it would do well on ticalc.
never heard of it...

what is it?
yes what is it, I would really like to know
A sudoku is a number puzzle. It is composed of a 9x9 grid divided into 9 3x3 subsquares. The object is to place the digits 1-9 in each cell so that each row, column, and subsquare has all the digits, with none repeating. If you want to try one, go to this site:

A sudoku assistant would be original, but I'm not sure how many people will download it. They'd have to already know what a sudoku is, and most people don't. Good idea though.
Are you kidding? I'm obsessed with this, I even made a BASIC AI SuDoku solver on my 83+.
I ma going to have to try this. I hope the program goes well.
KermMartian wrote:
Are you kidding? I'm obsessed with this, I even made a BASIC AI SuDoku solver on my 83+.

A solver, eh? That's pretty impressive. Which method did you use? The one where you find the first legal spot to put the number, then change the last number placed when you get into a situation where a number cannot be played in a subsquare?

Also, where do you get your puzzles from? I bought "The Essential Book Of Su Doku" by Pete Sniden (ISBN 978-0-7432-8934-4) because it has the most puzzles. I've gotten to the point where level 5s are the only ones that provide any challenge, and even then it's only a matter of time (20 minutes at most if I'm concentrating) to solve them.

Furthermore, we should combine our programs; my interface with your solver (of course, I'm sure your solver also has a kickass interface). I think it would be an awesome combination if we could market it. The program only garnered 4 downloads today on; I thought it would be an instant hit because so many people are obsessed (maybe it's just because it got posted today and not many people have seen it).

The program:
As for my interface, I'm considering replacing the 0s with something a little less space-consuming and more appealing as well as making the cursor more elegant and visible. It's very strong as it is: you just maneuver the cursor around the board as you would any cursor and press a number to fill it in on the grid. If the number is a given (you enter givens in "G" mode), it won't change.
You could replace the 0's with ?'s or +'s. Those seem more appealing, and the +'s don't take up a lot of space.
I used the box mark instead; much less clutter and more resemblance of grid spaces.
The game cofuses me a little, but I kind of like it, might download solver
rivereye wrote:
The game cofuses me a little, but I kind of like it, might download solver

You have to play it on paper first to truly appreciate it; you need to mark things down temporarily to truly understand the game. Once you get good enough on paper, you can play without it because you will be able to keep track of things in your head.
Ok, will do.

Goes to look for pronter drivers
I like the puzzles; I also found a cool generator script online.
will have to look at them when I get the chance. and are also okay. is the best, though
Cool, I'll have to check those out.
If someone made a Basic sudoku generator that would be cool.
I would if I could, but I am not very good with it, nor do I know the basic layout of it yet.
Coding it wouldn't be too hard, just finding a fast and accurate algorithm that will work in TI-Basic.
I would need the basic layout of it first, so rightnow, I wouldn't be able to do it, but once I learn it, I will attempt it.
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