can one save persistence on a comp that is not acting as the server?
Yes, as long as you're an admin.
cool. Who is allowed to admin the server?
Okay, I'm kinda lost now Kerm Confused; I used your directions in conjunction with cedega, everything seems to be working, I'm sending and receiving from master server, now what do I do? Sad
You just leave it be. Now we can all connect to the server. And is there some kind of configuration file to go with blockland? To determine ports, admin password, etc.
Hmm...I think I've gotten it to work on my family shared computer; that should hold off until I can get it working on my linux box Wink
Gonna move this topic to the new blockland server topic...
Should be up by comp suffered a very bad spyware/virus attack. Thank god it happened before I got any programs installed Smile Now I just have to reinstall winxp pro...
Excellent, I was wondering why I couldn't see it...
Here are some screenshots of the cube garden I forgot to post a while back:

Yeah, I have a ton of blockland screenies I need to u0load. Sad
I should make a Blockland screen shot page on my site
Whoa, sweet tank Razz
Thanks! It's for DTB, it's a work in progress.
note I said for my site, but it is looking good.
...and I was making the necessary ïn your face!" post Cool
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