Ouch...I'll try to keep down lag then.
Perhaps we should make a schedule so we know when the server is going to be up?
I think once Ult Dev has it set up, it will be going 24/7
That's correct. He and I will be setting it up tomorrow afternoon.
YAY! I can't wait
Indeed. Croos your fingers.
are you gong to post todays screenies?
I shall. Let me just put the train in first. Smile
The true SecondCity gets going, note elevated right-of-wayand two trains (but no tracks yet):

yay, and my comp boots to Windows now.
Sweet. Ult Dev and I are setting sup now.
And now we're transferring via snail-mail (FTP) Razz
cool, Blockland, w00t
I estimate less than 5 minutes till it's up.
As you can see, I was wrong. Ult Dev's windows emulator on his *nix box didn't like our config, working on that...
Ah, I know how to fix this. Ult Dev, I'm going to upload some files. Run the following on your box when you see this:

blockLand.exe -dedicated -mod tbm -mission "tbm/data/missions/CemetechCity2.mis"
your only problen then is saving the bricks, and what about admins?
Not a problem. I have an admin password set (you guys already know it Very Happy ) and I have the bricks saved as a persistence.
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