I gave him an evaluation copy and he hosted it for about an hour, I have screenies of what we built to upload. It helped me find some bugs.
Off topic but uh...Kerm, did u ever host those pictures of the Big Boat we made?
Jon: whenever Ult' Dev' gets back (if he ever does)
Hopefully he'll be back at the beginning of this week; two weeks ago he went on a two-week vacation... Rolling Eyes
YAY! Blockland. (I hope I can get it to work in Suse)
@Captain: Yeah, I'll post the Big Boat tomorrow.
ok, even though I have no idea what that means
Captain and I worked on a huge boat build in the Ikea House. I took screenies, which for some reason I can't find. Sad
Cemetech City 2 gets a city, courtesy of Jon, Kirb, and myself!

lookig good, looking VERY good
I like it.
No pictures of the sky patio? Sad
He may add them, later. When is this going to be up?
Jonathan Pezzino wrote:
No pictures of the sky patio? Sad

There's a couple, but I accidentally deleted the patio itself when I was moving it. Sad Sorry...

@Rivereye: I'll have a beta server going today, but you MUST download the MCP beta of TBM2 at http://www.thebettermod.com to download it.
I figured it would be. I was reffering to us playing on or own without the server, would you still rocomend it.
If you want, why not? Very Happy
Well, I can try it later.
Cool. Right now I'm trying to help Kirb to join.
ok, I hope you can.
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