Kerm has no life, exhibit 3.1415926535897932384626
Sad That's not nice.
Wow, pi is an exibit :O
ok, so I sometimes pick on people, oh well. I usually don't mean it, hopefully won't pick on my tank...
I like the tank. Question though, does it shoot any projectiles, and if not, are there plans to make it do so?
Yes, and N/A
Yes Smile
These bots have got to stop. Sad
true. Do you have email verification?
No, but I have distorted image verification. Sad
Time to take it to the next level, you will have to manually allow them access to the forums. That is the only way to make it stop...
Or add email verification. Hmmm.
That might work, though some of these bots are getting smart enough to even do that...
Maybe I'll go rooting around in the php script that generates the verification images and make it a little more secure.
if you do let me know. Ive got at least 2 bots.
I always username and IP ban them onsight.
well, let them do their work, good testing is by controlled bots
That's good. I'll see what I can do, guys.
There's another bot for us to ban...
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