I have uploaded at http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/download/setup.exe a pre-version (for Windows, obviously Very Happy) of TILP II 1.14, for beta-testing Smile
(*nix users can try http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/download/install_tilp.sh , start by looking inside the script)
Even if I'm trying to get myself the necessary infrastructure for being a decent (co-)maintainer (bought a 89T, a 83+SE and a SilverLink), it's necessary to perform wider and deeper testing than just what I did on my Vista x86 and Seven x64 VMs Wink
In particular, I can see driver trouble on Seven x64 (complains about unsigned drivers) but not under Vista x86. I can also see that unless the UAC is completely disabled (baaaaad !), Seven forbids TILP to write tilp.ini => need to improve this (by changing the location, probably).

Since TILP II 1.13, visible changes are TI-68k bugfixes (especially for PedroM), and important bugfixes for TI-Z80 (TI-Connect is now much happier with files and groups created by TILP). TILP keeps supporting, in a transparent way, the incorrect groups created by previous versions. I think I fixed a build/packaging problem that makes TILP II 1.13 not work for many users.

This test version was compiled with MSVC 2008 and GTK+ 2.12.9 (such was the result of a multi-forum poll one year ago: 9x/ME/NT4 support is no longer guaranteed).
Therefore, you have to install the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9b2da534-3e03-4391-8a4d-074b9f2bc1bf ) if you don't have it yet. I hope to find a working MSVC 6, so as to remove that dependency.

A small limitation in this test version: no French locale. Not that most of those who read this board care, though.

Thanks in advance Wink
Oh awesome, I call testing on Windows 7 Enterprise x64, which is on my desktop and laptop. I'll let you know how it goes. Smile
"much better interoperability with TI-Connect"

Does this mean we can have both o' them work simultaneously?
That would be great, but unfortunately, no (Windows doesn't like having two drivers for the same hardware).
I just meant that TI-Connect now likes much better 83+/84+ files and groups received with TILP.
I'm going to edit my post. [EDIT: done]
It's been nearly one month since the previous build. I have now uploaded at http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/download/setup.exe a new pre-version of TILP II 1.14 Smile

This build fixes the main annoyances of the previous build (well, those that can be fixed on the TILP side - the driver signing requirement on at least Seven x64 is still there, obviously, and will remain): it does not depend on the MSVC 2008 runtime anymore, it automatically downloads the appropriate GTK+ version. And it can speak French, too.

This build also integrates the new feature that was announced in another public place of the community: DirectLink USB ROM dumping for 84+(SE) calculators, courtesy of Brandon Wilson. Another word of thanks goes to Benjamin Moody, who saved me some time setting up everything for cross-MinGW to properly build TILP.
No more changes are planned until the release (pretty soon), it's in bug-fixing mode (and in quick, unimportant things such as Changelog file updates). So please give it a good testing, thanks in advance Wink
I'd give it a run if there was a Mac build.
The *nix build script linked to in the first post _might_ work, if you can install all the dependencies (described within the script) with MacPorts, Fink or whatever you please.
I'd be interested if you tried compiling, because nobody has ever reported trying to build TILP on MacOS X using those scripts Smile
My guess is that the interface would work fine but that the I/O code wouldn't get along with OS X (unlike other large parts of Darwin, I/O kit is not based on the BSD device driver framework).
It's likely that this is what would happen, yeah.
The older links may work, but if there's no MacOS X driver for them, the USB links - nowadays, the only ones that matter to most users - won't work.
I have now uploaded the sources of TILP II 1.14, GFM 1.0.4 and associated libraries Smile

Many changes since TILP II 1.13, the most significant of which have already been summarized above (bugfixes for the Z80 and Nspire series, new DirectLink 84+ ROM dumper).
Source tarballs:

I have also tentatively uploaded the installers for Windows, but I need to make a few tests with them.
If someone else wants to join the fun of testing by then, http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/download/setup.exe (TILP) and http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_gfm/download/setup.exe (GFM).

I have made public the maintainer recompilation scripts that I'm using, you can see them through http://svn.tilp.info/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/?rev=4308#dirlist
But *nix users can try http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/download/install_tilp.sh , start by looking inside the script.
Nice work. I may give these a whirl next time I'm in Ubuntu.
I'll be updating the TiLP package in the AUR for all you Arch Users who want to try it out. I have been using the SVN for a while and I can say it is much improved. It works much more relaibly for me with my TI-89T and TI-84+SE, great job Lionel.
Oh the sarcasm I could add here.

I have uploaded a new beta-testing build for TILP Smile

Highlights since the release of TILP II 1.14 in April:
  • significant improvements to Nspire support (but wrinkles remain...): new variable deletion & folder creation capabilities, OS 2.x support (TILP II <= 1.14 doesn't work at all with those versions because TI broke something that worked with all other TI USB devices including Nspire OS 1.x), calculator ID retrieval fixed, and the brand-new capability: Nspire OS 1.x (but not 2.x) dumping,
    without having to install Ndless
  • UI improvements by TheStorm / Jonimus, among which are the addition of a menu at the top of the application, and the greater use of stock icons;
  • other misc. fixes: 86 ROM dumping, a number of compiler warnings, several crasher bugs fixed, small updates to autotools stuff.

Download link for the recompiled Windows installer: http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilp/beta/setup.exe .
Enjoy Smile

Todo/wish list before a release, as time permits:
  • fixing sending Pic / GDB / Str variables to a 84+ through DirectLink (that it does not currently work is a consequence of TI breaking backwards compatibility);
  • updating desktop and mime types definitions would be great;
  • fixing several known wrinkles, e.g. a couple reported in the sibling topic on Omnimaga.
Congrats, Lionel! This sounds like a good step forward, although I'm sorry TI made your life so difficult by breaking backwards-compatibility on a bunch of things. They did the same with some areas of 2.53MP I had to work around in DCS7. Sad
Very Happy Oh boy, I cant wait, though, I dont know if I want to go through the installation again....
By breaking backwards compatibility on all their lines (TI-Z80, TI-68k and TI-Nspire have all had their compatibility breakage, it's even permanently built in Nspires with the document encryption), TI is maintaining some activity in third-party programs.
But breaking programs that work remains a poor way, a poor incentive to make people update their programs Very Happy
Lionel Debroux wrote:
By breaking backwards compatibility on all their lines (TI-Z80, TI-68k and TI-Nspire have all had their compatibility breakage, it's even permanently built in Nspires with the document encryption), TI is maintaining some activity in third-party programs.
But breaking programs that work remains a poor way, a poor incentive to make people update their programs Very Happy
Poor indeed, not to mention pretty mean and vindictive. Sad
*bumpity bump* Hey Lionel, I don't suppose TiLP II 1.16 has wandered out recently?
Nope, TILP II 1.15 hasn't been released, because although I fixed one of two bugs I consider as blockers, the other one remains Sad
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