So my dad sent me a this link in a furious rage:

But I can't find any citations on it that would direct me to the part of the bill that would contain this provision. I did however see some weasel words:

Beginning January 1, 2013, ObamaCare imposes a 3.8% Medicare tax on unearned income of “high-income” taxpayers which could apply to proceeds from the sale of single family homes, townhouses, co-ops, condominiums, and even rental income, depending on your individual circumstances and any capital gains tax exclusions.

Now this tells me that there's an income threshold, a certain amount of money you need to make a year for this tax to take effect, in which case this would not be effecting the middle class. However, because I'm having trouble finding the citations that would confirm this, I don't know what that threshold is. If someone who's studied the meat of this bill more extensively than I have could give the specifics, it might help me make a more informed decision about this. What I've read so far is disturbing, if accurate, and I'd like to know straight up is this is true.
Please stop using the word "Obamacare". It adds nothing to the discussion. If you want to talk about Medicare and name it after a president, call it Lyndoncare.
chronomex wrote:
Please stop using the word "Obamacare". It adds nothing to the discussion. If you want to talk about Medicare and name it after a president, call it Lyndoncare.

I'm only using the word the other side uses. And it doesn't refer to medicare, it refers to the healthcare overhaul Obama signed into law. That said I agree with you that it's a stupid and inciteful way to refer to it, I was just trying to play nice so I could get some straight answers.
Even if it does, so what? I like to think of socialist medicine in a certain frame of mind. First, some facts I've read, cited to the best of my ability:
-The average American makes $117,538 per year, which places him or her in the middle class
-Americans in this tax bracket pay 28% of it in income tax, or $32,910 per year (I'm ignoring other taxes for the time being)
-This person will see a 3% increase in their taxes.
-After "Obamacare," the total difference per year is $3,526.14
-Per month, this turns out to be $293 extra. Per day (assuming an average 30 day month), it becomes $9.79

Given all these facts, think about the impact, beyond finance. There is a decent chance that you have decent access to medical care, are quite healthy, and live roughly within your means. In addition, consider that many people are given their paycheck with taxes already deducted from it, and tend to mentally remove that money from their mind (this may be stretching it). They really only realize the impact when it comes time to pay their taxes (which they've already, in effect paid). Even with that aside, think about the actual impact of your tax bump. Imagine a young child who has severe sickness. Perhaps they need a new organ, or maybe they have a tumor. Imagine an older person in pain because they cannot afford Hospice. You can fit anyone into this model. Add to that model that maybe they were declined healthcare due to to their condition, or perhaps the medical bills have risen to the point that they cannot afford it. Imagine someone dying in agony because they cannot get healthcare.
Personally, I wouldn't have any problem whatsoever paying $9 per day to help save someone's life. I'd do it in a heartbeat. And for me personally, the increase amounts to $6.25 per day.
That's my personal view of this plan, and if it also means a tax on house sales for the rich, so be it.
SirCmpwn wrote:
-The average American makes $117,538 per year, which places him or her in the middle class

Wow you totally failed at reading that chart. 117,538 was the number of households in the survey. Going with definition 15 (which is basically after everything - after taxes, after medicare, etc...) mean income per *household* is $64,268, and the median (which is more important here) is $52,398

$117,538 counts as upper class in 99% of the country. The few places it doesn't would be places like the San Francisco bay area and New York, and in those places it would be upper-middle.
My mistake, now I feel silly. The logic behind my argument still stands.
Arguments aside, can anyone find me the specific language in the bill that deals with this? I'm sure I'm being misled, but I want to know by how much, and if there is a valid point behind the fears.
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