@elfprince: Note that I'm not using the standard TI byte protocol, I'll give you the data on my protocol.
I suspected as much, which is why I was planning to wait.
rivereye wrote:
I've been learnig C++ on my own, so oh well

yeah, its kinda hard to get started with on your own - at least it was for me. could never find any tutorials and shit, only books to buy; got some intro-to-med sites now tho, lol
did you try cplusplus.com, it has some pretty good stuff on it for C++. I recomend DevC++ for a compiler/IDE
nah, i've been to http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial.html tho

as for compiler, i use GCC, the best! (its what that compiler that dev-cpp uses is based on - which is what i use when i'm in windows)
I will have to check it out throughly.
I picked up a book and took a look at some Java programming info, but I'll leave this to you since it would take me way to long to learn and then build it. Plus that would defeat the purpose of delegating. Smile
so when will we get the rest of the data on the protocol....data formats etc....this seems to have gone dead
Gahhh....sorry about that, the resource stuff has been sitting in my notebook. I'll try to post it tomorrow or definitely by Tuesday.
yes! Good Idea Good Idea Graphing Calculator
To Create and Access Resources:
1. All resources join as normal CALCnet2 nodes and carry out normal network activity. All resources also beacon their resource status, eg 0x00,0xID,0xFD (FD = ID is a resource)
2. New resources should scan network for a beacon. If a beacon is found, there is another resource, haven't decided whether multiple resources on a single network are acceptable yet. If I decide one only, a beacon indicates the resource may not begin its beaconing.
3. Obviously, if no resource beacon is found in 10 seconds, the resource may begin beaconing.
4. Disconnecting: resources may not simply leave the network like normal nodes. Before disconnect they must formally end all open transmissions, beacon a "resource disconnecting" message of 0x00,0xID,0xFC for at least 15 seconds, and then cease beaconing to become a normal node. They may then disconnect normally.

Data format to/from a resource:
0xRecipientID, 0xSenderID, 0xDataBytes+3, 0xProtocolMSB, 0xProtocolLSB, 0xDataType, Data

Note that the maximum data size per packet is 200 bytes for node-to-node or 197 for node-resource and resource-node.

More to come tomorrow on the signal-level protocol.
Host <--> gcn.cemetech.net Communication:
1. Hosts use the HTML protocol via gcn.cemetech.net
2. The browser_type must be set to Certified_gcn_Host
3. When a new calculator joins the network, find calc's S/N, alias, and CALCnet2 ID, then send an "ADD:..." request to gcn.cemetech.net
4. All requests must contain a valid Cemetech username, md5(md5(pwd)), and the specified request.
looking good. Good Idea
Here's more:

5. To remove a calc that has disconnected, the request is "REMOVE:...". It must come from the ADDed IP to process.
6. If any md5(md5(pwd), S/N, or IP is invalid, 'AUTHERROR' is returned.
7. Valid and correctly-processed requests send a list of onlien calcs as the response.
any more coming soon?
Indeed. I'll put it up as I actually write the script.
so have you doen any more work on it recently? Ive sort of stalled till more info comes out.
Yeah, sorry about that, I had totally forgotten about this. What else do you need to know?
Don't force anyone to a ceertain IP address, I may want to get on at school. The S/N is unique anyway and a password should protect that from being exploited.
No, all I mean is that only the IP address that joined a certain calc can register that calc's disconnect to prevent people kicking other people from the network.
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