In the anti-n00b vein that all the 1337 programmers seem to be in, I thought it might be a good idea to have an official program for this so-called "N00b Crusade." I'm thinking along the lines of Tower As sault or some of Kevin's RPGs, with the idea being that you are a Calc Commando and are defending the ticalc archives (a large building in the center of the map) from stupid n00bs that shoot crap programs at you. However, the requirements for this are beyond BASIC and I don't know ASM, so if you feel obligated to contribute to the anti-n00b movement and know ASM please volunteer.
Any comments?
Laughing Awesome idea!
Too bad I don't know ASM yet Sad . *opens up Learn TI-83+ As sembly in 28 Days*
i ain't anti-noob, i'm anti-n00bs-who-think-they-are-1337-and-release-19283012983-basic-programs-a-day
Exactly. The community can't improve without noobs.
That's what I mean. It's just easier to say "n00bs" than "n00bs-who-think-they-are-1337-and-release-19283012983-basic-programs-a-day."
OK, glad we agreed on the minimum number of program releases per day for noobness. Wink
1. Unless the programs are actually of good quality, in which case there is no limit.
2. True, but they also can't be stolen either Evil or Very Mad
Except that the code thief didn't actually write th estolen program and so it is not theirs.
Ah, true.
Idea Which also brings to mind another idea for the N00b Defense game: boss n00bs should be able to make little n00bs each time you shoot them.
It gets better and better!
Now all it needs are more ideas and a bored programmer.
I think that in the spirit of true n00bishness, it should be written in inefficient, unoptimized z80 BASIC. Smile Be sure to include lots of Lbls, Gotos, and Gotoing out of For/IfThen structures.
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Will do!! I will make this if someone wants to collaborate. Volunteers?
I could do some sprites for you...
fun idea ^^
Aye, it might actually end up being a cool game.
Sprites are good and I will take what you can give. Kevin, can you recommend some good ASM libs?
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