Longer gameplay? Does that mean you play longer or the time lag is longer?
well, the apparent time is. The lag is less, and physical time may be the same, but the apparnt is longer (never physicaly tested the time)
Cool. I'll try it when it comes up on ticalc.
ok, glad I have one Download.
Whenever I title things with numbers at the beginning, ticalc.org renames them for me. Very Happy
I don't like manipulating that stuff to go for a few extra DLs
I don't unless I have a reason to, like the title starts with a number. I tried putting the version number first once, but the file manager switched it around.
Yeah, I decided not to do that anymore because I consider it cheating.
I give it an actual name, and be done with it, but i might try to see if a nuber in the begginging of it.
Fair enough. I did that for a long time before I stopped.
true, but some timesit can't be done. The archivers might want to look out for that kind of thing.
They should. If you look at the TI-83+/84+ Basic Games list, there are about seven out of the first ten programs that have numbers at the beginning of the zip title for no apparent reason.
Hmm, maybe I'll send them a ranty letter about that.
Of course, if they change their number policy, then people will start sticking a's in front of all their file names....
yeah, I tried the a thing one time (a great matrix prog), I think it went trough though.
I did the version thing for star trek, no other program. But then, I really need to post .8xp files in the 83+ section, so maybe it will get downloaded more...
Of course, if they change their number policy, then people will start sticking a's in front of all their file names....

All the archiver has to do is change the file name (and stop uploading **** programs Mad ), not completely alter the number/letter policy.
Very true, that would be a good solution.
I think we should all send emails over a day or two to the ticalc staff and complain. It's demeaning to the site to let stuff like that slip past >(v')
I agree. Let's make up a formal letter format that we can all insert our names into a send.
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