My most popular program is Cobra Command. ( I have no idea why though...I personally think that my FreeCell and Towers of Hanoi games are a lot better, but then again CobraCom has been out for ~a month more than ToH and 4 months before FreeCell...

@Kuro-here's another word oddity for your sig:
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia--Fear of long words (it's real...check it out)
I have a whole list of phobias if anyone wants to know the scientific name for one...
Laughing What's the fear of having the batteries run out on your graphing calculator?
Kakorrhaphiobatteryincalcophobia (made up) (Kakorrhaphiophobia is fear of failure)
Laughing I'm lovin it. Cool
Where does one get this list of Phobias

What is the fear of using IE
I'll put it on my site sometime this week when I find the time...I can't find one for ie, bill gates, or microsoft, but it shouldn't be too hard to make one up. The site I got the list from has since shut down and it's been awhile. Just to let you know, I have ~8.5 pages at 10pt single-spaced worth of them. Razz
yyyoooooo...awesome! Very Happy
efinatly have to print out and give to English Teacher to look at.
Aaaahahaha! Don't have English/Lit anymore! Smile Now I have like 6 engineering classes and one "humanities" course. Very Happy
Engineering sounds more interesting than english. Again, Kerm is lucky Mad

Kirb:thanks for the suggestion
Well, this year I get to be be trained for Microsoft Certicfactaion, for FREE!!! My High School offers this as a standered course. MCP, here I come (I hope Crying )
There's a constant commercial on a radio station that talks about M$ Certification...I can't remember if it costs anything, but I don't think it does...about the most technical course in my school is AutoCAD or architecture...or maybe electricity/electronics...its bad...
That is bad. Unfortunately for me, my school isn't much better Sad
Gar. But this is offtopic, any other comments on pop progs?
My Ultimate Pong game is semipopular. About 10-20 downloads/day, but decreasing steadily Sad .
grr, yours has more dowmloads then mine, but when I update, I will have more.
That's probably because the zip is titled "" Ticalc arranges their programs by digit-alphabetical order, so it shows up near the top on the main list. More people see it, more people download it (people who add "000" or something to their zip title are idiots and make me mad, though Mad ). Marketing is everything.
the updated version whould catch some attention, I hope.
Have you added any new features or anything?
faster, smaller, smoother, longer game play
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