Mine be Age of Darkness... though both calcgames and ticalc show less than 10000 dls each...
That's still pretty impressive.
Well, the one on ticalc is almost at 10000, but the one on calcgames is just under 8000.

Here is what's really funny. MOS on my site has 498 downloads. Remember the Red Alert program I made? It currently has 489 downloads. WTF? Laughing That is my most downloaded program on my site... Confused I am so confused...
For those interested, the most downloaded programs in the basic Games Category in ticalc.org are the following.

73 - Poker 73 v1.0 with 2,781 downloads
80 - Mega Man 80 with 9,716 downloads
81 - Nick Games! with 7,369 downloads
82 - Tetris with 13,661 downloads
83 - Agent 007 with 51,979 downloads
83+/84+ - Tetris v.1.1 with 147,658 downloads
85 - Grand Theft Auto v2.2 with 17,002 downloads
86 - Command & Conquer 86 v0.42 with 21,481 downloads
89 - Dragonball-Z-GT RPG with 42,551 downloads
92 - Battleship v1.3 with 19,653 downloads
92+ - Jones In The Fast Lane v1.92.11 with 15,246 downloads
V200 - NerdWars v2.0 with 7,079 downloads
Posting the rest of the post. (didn't like the length apparently)

Tetris for the 83+ is really high. Ti must of really sold a ton of 83+'s over the last few years. It's also the only basic program ranked in the overall top25 at #8.

The 89 one has changed three times. First it was Stan City, Then FF7 then the DBZ rpg. Also keep in mind that the DBZ count is wrong since all archive downloads for this file (regardless of which archive you download it from) are counted in the 89 file, so it's a safe bet that this is going to be on this list for life, if not become a top25 download with all the exposure it's getting.

The 83,85,86,92 and 92+ top downloads have never changed as far as I know. They probably never will since there becoming rare calculators anymore.

73, 80 and 81 isn't going to change anytime soon. probably half of you guys on this forum never seen an 80 or 81 in person, and the 73 is so obsure and underpowered that no one buys it.

http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/statscat.html is if you want to see top downloads by calc over 7 days. expect to see a lot of ASM here.
Re: that tetris game: it sucks. Run it through sourcecoder and you'll see. It mad lags.
I haven't seen a good tetris program since the ASM one. The one that came out a few days ago is only barely worth considering.
mine for the 86 used to be somewhat fast, then I "optimized" it Smile

It used a lot of redundant output commands to place the pieces in 4.0, in version 5.0 I consolidated them into lists. It makes the code smaller but also slower. It's almost unplayable on an 86.

Course I coded that thing around 95-96. I could probably make it much faster than 4.0 now Smile

I find that if your program has the catchy name of the moment, your on this list. This is a lot of the reasons I liked the old calc.org top 10 lists that were based on ratings and reviews rather than sheer download stats. Of course, this would never work for ticalc.org in it's current state, since they make it insanely hard to write reviews, and no one seems to care about the rating systems in most of the archives.

Outside of the 89 archive, I dont remember any of the ticalc.org basic stats changing. There is a chance that something other than agent 007 was #1 in the 83 archive, but I don't have any idea what it was. Usually the file that gets in there gets a ton of downloads just because it's more visable. I know FF7 downloads dropped like a stone when it was bumped out, I also noticed it when FF7 bumped out Stan City. Stan City went from 30+ to less than 5, and FF7 doubled if not tripled in download amounts per week.
o.O Wow, you've been in the community for at least 10 years! Congrats!
Very impressive indeed. I find that stupid n00bs who put 0's at the beginning of their zip file have an annoying habit of garnering far too many downloads. Fortunately, ticalc fixed that problem a while back.
Actually, all you really have to do is submit a new version of the program every two days for the next 3-6 months. Your count will skyrocket since it's on the front page all the time. There was an 89 program that was doing this for a while. I cant remember it's name (it was one of those catchy names I talked about last post. Don't remember the actual name though), but it's stats were unbelievably high for the quality of the game. It wasn't until later that I actually sat down and realized he was resubmitting it constantly to inflate the stats.

Actually I've been programming since 93 and didn't get onto the web until 96-97. My first calc was an 81, then an 85, 92, another 85 since I programmed the first one to death (I'm not kidding, it would not run certain commands anymore without hard crashing and yes, this is before ASM) the 86, 83 and finally a hw1 89.
Gaa, you're obsessed.
Actually, all you really have to do is submit a new version of the program every two days for the next 3-6 months. Your count will skyrocket since it's on the front page all the time.

True. *Recalls Sanke 2 Episode* Mad
Yeah, typical newb trick *sighs*
This is what happens when marketing people go bad. Laughing
I believe you mean these are the children who will grow up to be marketing people. Razz
And politicians, yes. Laughing
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