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elrunethe2nd wrote:
Will_W wrote:
elfprince13 wrote:
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
DShiznit wrote:
calc84maniac wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
elfprince13 wrote:
I'd ask for a link, but BL forum threads are like meth. You can't stop reading, but every time you try a little more, your mental abilities drop 10 IQ points.
I am too lazy to actually make my own post so instead I quote people and then don't say anything new



I have a crab hat. Your argument is invalid.

Oh. wait. I guess that's my argument too. nvm.


Now, can we re-rail this train?

ummm, this thread has run it's course. If at some point FreeBuild gets news coverage and we get our wikipedia page back, then I'll unlock it.
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