Instead of repeatedly editing this post, I have finally made a page on my website about this. Don't worry, you don't have to register to see it. Smile

The Web Page should totally post this at >> TBM Home. They would incorporate it into TBM2.
I will, but I'm going to put it on my website first ,so I can turn off "Allow direct requests" in my site's hotlink protection and I'm going to move the file to a different spot on my website.

The flowers look wierd, but I can't make a replacement. The real texture is supposed to be a mix of sand and grass.

Also, I am having weird troubles with RTB. I cannot host maps or play singleplayer on them because some manner of terrain data is missing from all of them. i fall and get stuck halfway in the ground. This was occuring before my art fix stuff so it's not my fix doing it.

<Url for it on my website will be placed here>
Don't use Ruse TBM2. Smile
Ruse TBM2? Don't have it. In fact now I don't have TBM at all.
Laughing Mean "Don't use RTB, use TBM2"
Fixed your post link.
I have a good reason for not using tbm. It's in my other post.
...which I edited and responded to. Smile
Besides I like RTB better, it has a lot more vehicles than TBM.

Wow this has really gone off topic...
Oh well. Smile
What vehicles does RTB have?
-Lego vehicle base (apparently you can build a vehicle on this base to drive around, never tried it)
-Lego horse
-Lego ATV
-Lego Motorbike
-Lego Plane
Interesting....I'm thinking of making a car and a bus when (if? Smile ) I finish the train.
yeah, and the bus/car should be no problem, being you already know what you would be doing.
Exactly, it would be extremely simple to just modify the working model once I get it to work.
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