It's finally here: PokéModr. You may make changes to almost everything in the game. This is the second beta of the program after soome testing revealed a couple of bugs. You can edit:

Map editing has a known bug in it, but I'm working to get it fixed. Here's the link to its page:
Word up! Very nicely done. I hope my moral support helped a bit. Smile
I'm now working to make it a better GUI. I've looked at graphics libraries on ticalc. Two of them together have features I want, but separate, they only offer half of what I want. AdvDialogs and MenuLib. AD has/works with grayscale, but is a little limited on what you can do in it (such as varying sized and placed boxes). ML on the other hand is forced B/W and has more options to work with. I'm going to work with AD because a) it allows grayscale and b) I don't need menus uber complex yet.
If they're open source, you could just pick and choose...
I chose AdvDialogs and I'm sticking with it. I've contacted the programmer of the lib and suggested some things. He likes what I suggessted and I might even help a bit. Cool
Hmm, sounds cool. That's quite an impressive program you've got!
v.5Ăź shouldn't be too far away from release...possibly later today...
I need to get a 68k badly
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