As those denizens of #cemetech on (our official IRC channel) already know, the impending release of the first public alpha of Freebuild: The Builders' Game has prompted several changes and additions to the structure of the Cemetech forum. First, due to sparse use, three subfora were consolidated into others. MultipliCity and Office DE were both merged into the Cemetech Projects: Other subforum, and the DCS6+ Shell Expanders subforum was merged into Doors CS. To provide a place to discuss Freebuild news, suggestions and bugs, mods, maps, and share builds, a new category was created within the forum. The Freebuild: The Builders' Game (TBG) category contains five subfora to discuss Freebuild. Come explore, and get ready for the TBG alpha to be released with the start of the new decade!
I saw the changes.

And you got my attention on the project... Wink
Galandros wrote:
I saw the changes.

And you got my attention on the project... Wink
Good stuff, I hope you come play with us. I remember some of the epic Cemetech builds in TBM/Blockland, and I hope we get to relive some of those good memories.
Thanks Kerm!
elfprince13 wrote:
Thanks Kerm!
You got it! I just added you and CyberPrime as moderators of the subfora, not that it means anything in particular for you since you're an Admin. Smile
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