This falls only loosely within the Electronics/Hardware category, but since I dropped my ASUS eeePC 901 a time or three, and the left hinge began to malfunction and click when rotated. A preliminary disassembly revealed that of the two screws on each hinge holding the rotational metal hinge assembly onto the main computer body, both on the left side were no longer attached (though the right side remained undamaged). Closer examination showed that the plastic in which the screws were mounted had cracked and sheared respectively on the two screws, such that neither provided any support to the hinge. To stabilize the hinge, and thus take half the weight of the LCD off of the right hinge (which would probably have contributed to its premature failure), I drilled a second hole through the bottom of the computer on the left side, such that both screw holes reached from below the computer to above the hinge, and used one length of solid-core 24awg wire to form a semipermanent replacement for the two screws within the constraints of the missing and problem plastic pieces. Picture from the top and bottom of the repair are below.

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