KermMartian wrote:
That's why it's there, because without it it wouldn't know which page to go to. Is that what you meant, comic? Thoughts, tifreak?

That is indeed what I meant. But I also think tifreak is referring to when it's 0, to omit the post number. Which I suggested that phpBB be modded to do that, not sax(jax).
Hmm, it looks to me as if posts are tagged f=XX&p=XX when clicked from the homepage, at least. Technically, all you need is the post number, and it can grab the associated forum and topic from the database.
Oh, I see. Well, so long as it works. It'd just be nice if it dropped down to the proper post instead of staying at the top of the page, but only god knows why it does that.
tifreak8x wrote:
Oh, I see. Well, so long as it works. It'd just be nice if it dropped down to the proper post instead of staying at the top of the page, but only god knows why it does that.
Wait, it doesn't? That's the whole point of the #number on the end of the URL.
I went to TIFW and saw that when clicking on the last post link, I was able view the associated post without scrolling (the page moved down to it). Just like here on Cemetech.

However, when clicking on a post in IRC the page stays at the top of the page, where as I move to the post when directed. I took at a look at the URL, and the post number at the end in isn't being translated over. Perhaps it's the same for those TinyURL's as well?
Ok, more on the above post;

[05:55] <@saxjax> (T) *stefan bauwens added a post in [zcontest 2011 announced] [Link] was posted this morning, which links to

But the link should have referred to

The 'correct' link doesn't have the &t=120 in it. Plus, Sax is pulling from the post above the one that gets posted, I can see that by hovering over the Edit button.

I'm thinking maybe sax shouldn't post when an article gets edited on the wiki? Or it should find some way to group them, or only announce in some channel dedicated to wiki edit. This is an example of why:
17:05:17 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSPutVar2]
17:05:13 (C) ***zeldaking has entered the room.
17:05:10 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSOvwDat2]
17:05:01 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSGetDlen2]
17:04:54 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSGetData1]
17:04:47 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSDelVar2]
17:04:40 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCS DeleteDirectory]
17:04:34 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCS CreateDirectory]
17:04:00 (W) *** Merthsoft created new article [Category:Main Memory]
17:02:34 (#) shaun: rockin
17:02:20 (#) IkariTari: yeah, that's the idea
17:02:13 (#) shaun: I assume we're going to have sub-categroies for display, memory, serial, etc?
17:02:04 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [Syscall Reference]
17:01:53 (W) *** Tari edited article [Category:Syscalls]
17:00:19 (#) shaun: oops Smile
17:00:17 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [PrintXY]
17:00:01 (#) shaun: oh
16:59:57 (#) IkariTari: it does
16:59:45 (#) shaun: IkariTari: Can the syscall template have the [[Category:Syscalls]] in it?
16:59:35 (C) ***hellninjas has entered the room.
16:59:24 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [Locate OS]
16:59:22 (#) Juju: 0x5
16:59:15 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [Bdisp EnableColor]
16:59:06 (#) ***Souvik_ has logged out
16:58:48 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [Bdisp AllClr VRAM]
16:56:31 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [Syscall Reference]
16:56:19 (C) ***hellninjas has entered the room.
16:55:47 (#) qazz42: All the edits
16:55:20 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSPutVar2]
16:55:10 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSOvwDat2]
16:55:01 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSGetDlen2]
16:54:52 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSGetData1]
16:54:46 (#) KermM: hey shaun
16:54:45 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCSDelVar2]
16:54:24 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCS DeleteDirectory]
16:53:34 (W) *** Merthsoft edited article [MCS CreateDirectory]
Perhaps, every five minutes announce how many edits have been made and link to the Recent Changes, where interested parties can view the changed articles.
I think that's a good idea--of course, it should only announce how many edits were made if there are more than 0 edits Smile
Pain in the neck from the programming side, but I'll try to think about a good way to solve it. I don't hate the grouping idea, but I think when we're not heavily editing the wiki, the messages aren't necessarily too big a deal.
Without actually knowing how it's set up, I don't see why it's a pain in the neck. Instead of every time you get a change message announcing it, just add one to a counter. Every five minutes check that counter, if it's > 0 announce "There have been {0} edits in the past five minutes, see for details." and reset the counter. I don't know what kind of timer/threading infrastructure sax has, so maybe that's the hangup?
The painful part would be changing SAX so that it had some sort of cache, creating a place for it to cache said messages, perform some regex-based check on messages to see if they needed to be cached (or perhaps based on source, something it doesn't currently discriminate about).
Why would it need to cache? It needs a single counter variable, that surely can't be hard.
merthsoft wrote:
Why would it need to cache? It needs a single counter variable, that surely can't be hard.
It's not a constantly-running daemon. It's a PHP function that gets invoked any time the site receives a line to add to SAX. With the sort of hosting that I have, I can't run any continuous daemons.
Ah, I see. It might be easier to have DoorsCS do it, then.
merthsoft wrote:
Ah, I see. It might be easier to have DoorsCS do it, then.
Doors CS or SaxJax, yes, which are both continuously-running bots. I'm just saying that the in-page SAX couldn't easily do what you're talking about. If the only thing you're complaining about is the messages to IRC, then yes, I could trivially implement what you're talking about in SaxJax.
Ahh, I get it. Yeah, I don't actually care about sax, since I never chat from there--at the time it was just easier to screenshot sax Smile. All I care about is IRC Smile
Why not look at the scrollback? If there was an edit within the last 5 minutes in the scrollback, or none at all, then it will post an edit message.
If you're dumping the edits into SAX anyway (the way we do with anything else), it shouldn't be hard to do the counter in pure JS. Whenever new lines come in, check if they're a (W) and if they fit the form /usernameregexhere edited/

Saxjax doesn't have to do anything special, and I'm assuming similar code is already in place for the highlight boxes that appear at the bottom of the page when we're away.
apology for poor english

where were you when saxjax dies?

i was at home on computer when decbot3 ring

'saxjax is kill'

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