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How about if someone would be willing to make images out of any equations or commands necessary, or even if I could write some kind of nifty PHP image-generator script...

like: <img src="mathprint.php?3+(2/4)=X^2">
I might be missing something, but why do you need math equations? How does that even relate to the newsletter? We didn't use math equations in the first two newsletters, so why we would all of sudden start using them? I am just wondering...
if you could make the image thing work, it would be great. I say the special chacters should be a picture
hart wrote:
I might be missing something, but why do you need math equations?

Just to be prepared... Cool
yeah, we never know, math equations is he fundamental prinicipal of programming, try and write a program the doesn't use a math equation of some sort
HTML has the same special characters used in math equations. You just the appropriate tags (sup,sub,small,etc.) and you can mimic math equations. There shouldn't be any need for images.
except for more TI specific things, like the store sign
-> = sto, and many of the others can be doe also in a similar way
Fractions and calculus (namely integration) can't be done very easily. Here's a PDF file I haven't worked on in a while, but it's an example of how well math can be shown.
Hey, just stopping by. It seems like one of our problems is lack of interest: we have no regular readers beyond our own circle. Perhaps a better solution would be to publish articles as we write them and just have a large collection of them. This will overstep the hurdle of having to compile a nice looking newsletter, so articles will be more likely to be published.
like a free-for-all publishing? sounds fine.... would eliminate the hurdles of gathering all the articles and re-formatting them (if necessary)....

a newsletter is still a nice touch, even if it becomes smaller
That begs the question, though, of what articles we could publish? Only TI-Freak8x has written an article, and I don't think anybody else is currently writing one. It also makes me wonder what the articles would be about? What ideas do you guys have?
I would like to see something like from going from noob, to Elite
That sounds like a good article in the making. You should take that idea and start doing some research on it. You can then start writing it.
Hmm, I kinda like this continuous publishing article idea...let's flesh this out a bit.
Ok, I can try and see what I can do on the topic, but relize, I am an apprentice, so it may not be complete

please note, I may contact people for interviews
That's fine.

I just had an idea that I think is the best of both worlds - how about we collect articles and post them as they are edited and approved, and whenever we have enough for another issue, we put them together as an issue. Hm?
that would work, I like it (Kerm and his idea again)
as long as you still add original content to the newsletter, sounds good. Like updates about the site, varius projects, etc... small things that don't merit a full article
a review or too, a poll for the BASIC Elite/Apprentices, maybe show which programs are up for Elite approval (why hasn't Ultiamte Pong had any comments).
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