TI recently announced a new development platform for their MSP430 micros. This particular platform includes wireless USB programming, a 96-segment LCD, 3-axis accelerometer, pressure sensor, and onboard RF transciever. Oh, and it's only $49.
Yeah, all that's fun, but y'know what sweetens the deal even more? It's in a wristwatch form factor!

That has me incredibly excited. It has some fun sensors which manage to be useful on a normal non-hackable watch, and combine the utter reprogram-ability with those goodies, and there's any amount of coolness one could do with it.
My best idea thus far: combine it with a black-box sort of thing with GPS and a compass chip, and you have yourself a wrist-mounted geocompass (not quite.. you still need to carry the black-box).

Anyone else have cool ideas? I'm nearly certain I'll jump on this and get one of those.
How about a mouse interface for the Clove? I noticed this on Hackaday or Engadget, and it intrigued me.
What are the dimensions? Anyone know? I just glanced over the page and didn't see them.

This looks pretty epic, I'm going to have to figure out a reason to buy one Razz Laughing

KermMartian wrote:
How about a mouse interface for the Clove?
Can you say badass? Well... technically you can't cause of the word filter, but still.
Drool... I have so many ideas for it I don't know where to begin the RF interface alone makes it awesome but the whole package just has so much potential its amazing.
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