One thousand, five hundred, and eighty days. 37,920 hours. 2,275,200 minutes. 136,512,000 seconds. After over five years of waiting, Kerm Martian has reached the major milestone of 500,000 direct downloads from his profile on Only thirteen other people in the world have achieved this impressive feat; Kerm Martian is the 14th most downloaded calculator programmer on Earth, and number 1 most prolific on Based on informal surveys, he has an estimated 1:4 direct to indirect downloads, indicating that peer-to-peer sharing of his programs has led to possibly upwards of two million copies of hsi programs worldwide. This works out to one direct download on average once per 273.024 seconds, or once every four and a half minutes. Indirect downloads bring this to around one download per minutes for over five years. With the upcoming release of several groundbreaking Cemetech / Kerm Martian programs and projects, we look forward to a sharp uptick. Congratulations!
A sharp uptick isn't enough to describe it once DCS6 comes out. Congratulations.
Congrats Kerm!
good work, if only I could get up there.
Great job, Kerm. Smile
Thank you everyone. Something1990: I definitely hope you're right. Smile
I am a proud owner of several copies of Kerm Martian programs. L0L Great job on TICI too!
Heh, thanks. I need to fix it up so it works on your 83+ though. Cool
You are an Epic Win
Sephiroth wrote:
You are an Epic Win
Thanks Seph. Very Happy I'm actually close to 800K now; this is a fairly old topic. Smile
Well then you're over 14000
Sephiroth wrote:
Well then you're over 14000
Thanks Vegeta, it's always nice to hear about my power level. Wink I think you'll therefore appreciate the in-joke of my Master's thesis:
No you aren't 14000. You're 3.14 centillion
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