So today I started tinkering with creating 3D wireframes using xLib, and got some pretty impressive results. Basically, I used the real(9, etc) function to create 10~24 frames of the model, and then one final routine that flips through the images according to the user's keypress, giving a pretty convincing feeling of a rotating 3d model. Plus, I drew all of the frames in such a way that while the images are loading, the user doesn't really see anything other than a loading screen...

Will post a video of it eventually; its surprisingly responsive, even on a ti83+. The biggest issue is that it just takes up tons of RAM :/

finally, there we go
Very nice! Design 3D has had a similar capability for a while, cache a full 360 rotation in picture variables and then play it back, but unfortunately it's not quite as smooth, since it uses pure BASIC.
the interesting part is that technically, texturing is possible.
Wow! Pretty impressive!
Too bad it takes that long to load...
ZagorNBK wrote:
Wow! Pretty impressive!
Too bad it takes that long to load...

For models like this, yeah, it takes waaay to long too load. However, I was thinking it could be practical to pre-render perhaps a 8*8 3D character in various positions and save it into one image. Thus, you would get rid of all of the load time, and not have to worry about filling up the user's RAM.

I'll see if I can do a demo and some point.
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