Today, when I went to start my computer, I get a screen from windows saying We are sory for this inconvience... and it gives me the option. Basicly, i says that windows was shut down unexpectly. Ig ives me some option

Safe Mode
SafeMode with Networking
SafeMode with something else

Start useing last know working configuration

Start Windows Normally.

I choose one of these options and Windows XP tries to start, but then it flashes a blue screen, and before I can see anything, my computer restarts, and I try this over again.

The last time my computer was shut down, it went fine, as far as I know, I told windows to shut down, and had to leave right away.

I am posting from another computer on my network, incase you are wondering. I am running XP Pro with SP2. If you have any suggestions, it would be helpful. I can reinstall, but I really don't want to have to go that route, too much hassle.
corrupted kernel perhaps?

try the option "start with last known good configuration"
I get the problem with all options.
Did you try booting into safe mode?
find a cmd boot disk, and run chkdsk and have it fix all errors if it asks (or if it says something like errors found, run chkdsk f or similar, then do so)

that should fix things up
I'm trying SPinright 6 out riht now.

@Ult Dec, ALL Options were tried
Hmm, the blue screen (BSOD) was probably the Beginning dump of physical memory... one... weird.
This sounds familiar Sad I had a similar problem on my old computer. It turned out I had fried the display card and the nik with my z80 compiling ferver Laughing Sad At the end of the day: Dont use a command prompt in safe mode...You display card thanks you Very Happy I hope your computer fairs better than mine Smile

Edit: I was able to solve the problem somewhat. I reformatted the disk and reinstalled windows, but with out the display card, I was stuck in 2 colors Laughing I doubt you want to go this route, but if worst comes to worst...
KermMartian wrote:
Hmm, the blue screen (BSOD) was probably the Beginning dump of physical memory... one... weird.

i don't think so. I believe it is the one saying windows couldn't read the hdd. a chkdsk usually fixes it. So i'd start off with that
had to reformat and reinstall, close topic please
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