I certainly have no problem with "Cemetech's" TBG working with your TBG-related coding staff, and I'm sure Elfprince13 would be interested as well; ow do all the people you mentioned feel about it?
I am trying to get the original guys to work with it, I don't think they would though. CyberPrime isn't answering and Zack(Destiny) is offline and also is now on Retail Blockland. I asked SpiderNinja also, and he is the only one so far that responded. he would help us.
I am in support of this, some new blood is always good. We really should make this more open than it is now and get people working on it, and more interested in it. As it is it took me about a week just to get a copy, and that's disappointing for an open source project.

EDIT: I can talk to Zach some time, we are good friends and I may be able to talk to him about looking at this thing once again, but he kind of gave up after our attempt fell through with the lag issues and all.

Also, Bleh expressed interest and willingness to help us out with such a project a while ago, I could talk to him again and see what he thinks, and if he is interested.

What do you guys think?
I'm a little disappointed that this went down behind my back. Cyberprime, you offered to help with TBG development, and I accepted that help, and even suggested that you work on it. I've never heard of "TNG" and it would have been preferable if you'd even TALKED to me before creating a whole new forum. We already have a forum for TBG discussion/development, and that's here. Furthermore "The Building Game" wasn't even the name we're using (it was The Builder's Game), and TBG is just our code name until the first release. Things which you'd know if you'd discussed this with me.

Help is always welcome, however I want some idea of your coding background and your capabilities before I give you access to the SVN repository. Calcy and I are still cleaning up the steaming pile of crap that was the TBM codebase (actually, TBMs code was okay....just really disjointed, and not particularly clean, but we also have to replace the crap-tastic VBL code it was built on top of).

TBG is, and will remain, very distinctly a Cathedral-style project, not a Bazaar.

I will be back tomorrow afternoon. Please post your AIM screen name here if you're interested in participating (and are serious about doing so), and I will try to have a conference tomorrow night.
i suport elrune
I'm not really a huge coder but if i can help in anyway im willing to help.

Good Luck Elrune. I look foreward to seeing this when its completed.
Wow.... take a lap nazi. Noone gives a crap about proper grammer when it comes to online. As long as it doesn't annoy anyone (Ultimate Dev'r and Elfprince) your fine.
elrunethe2nd wrote:
Because, lets face it, if you have not even finished cleaning the TBM folder out given several years, honestly, you must ask whether you have undertaken something feasible that people who wanted TBG 4 years ago will ever have a chance of seeing.

It's been less than a year since I began work on TBG with calcy (which was last summer while I was house sitting). You seem to be confusing our efforts with the efforts made by myself and Gobbles back when the TBM community was still hosted on Mix-Networks. It's also clear that you don't really understand the depth of the overhaul I was performing. About 45% of the job remaining before a (script-only) release is simply porting the rest of the content over to use the dynload system, and designing a basic UI for manipulating dynload. About 30% is code-cleaning and writing more accessors. The remaining 25% is finishing the UI changes, and polishing the modding interface/starting on the content pack manager.

elrunethe2nd wrote:
I am sure help is always welcome, however it seems that no one is offering to help you.
I offered, on behalf of all developers interested in making TBG as a group project whether you would be interested in participating.
So, are you?


And I will reiterate that people with a real interest in helping should contact me, preferably via AIM (FeedBack, I got yours, we'll hopefully talk tonight).

elrunethe2nd wrote:
Note that CyberPrime did what he and achieved something, not behind your back, because it has been the subject of discussion for some time over at thebettermod.org and other forums.

This is sort of like the opening chapters of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the planning of the bypass. If you ask to help me, and then start a new project, with the same name as mine, it doesn't matter where you discuss it....if it isn't with me, than it's behind my back.

Furthermore, this isn't a forum for TBG. You rarely post here, and only in reply to when I talk.

my profile wrote:
[6.06% of total / 3.38 posts per day]

If you keep TBG away from the community, by keeping it in your "Cathedral" here, how the heck can it even be a community project?

I've asked for feedback and community involvement every step of the way.


Let me make something else clear. My desire to make this project open source had nothing to do with wanting 25 people coding on it. I'd like to keep it limited to a small group of dedicated coders, who are willing to work within the bounds of community feedback and the framework calcy and I have been constructing. I made it open source (or rather, each release will be open source), in a desire to aid the modding the community, and give new coders well constructed code to learn from.


Conference with CyberPrime == check. elrune...really man?
Alright, this has clearly been a huge misunderstanding. That TBG forum has been up since last yea, and it was from a game that Destiny and I were working on but decided to drop because we hit too many walls with the development. It's not being used. If elfprince would like to get a website up and running for the development then fine, I will do it. I am in support of the merger and a better laid out plan, but I don't think arguing is the way to go about doing it.
elrunethe2nd wrote:
Elfprince, given what you have achieved on TBG so far

You mean the more than 80 new script files?

elrunethe2nd wrote:
Oh yes CyberPrime, he has a website.
Look at all the progress.

Wink CyberPrime volunteered to help, has a developer account, and can see what's been done, and contribute in a positive manner.
Elfprince, Many tbm/tob/rtb players want and need TBG. You are delaying and holding onto a project which the community wants and hiding it. and what you have done shows no progress. I think you should give what you have done to the community, to prove you have done anything at all and give hope to the few players that remain.
amkil wrote:
Elfprince, Many tbm/tob/rtb players want and need TBG. You are delaying and holding onto a project which the community wants and hiding it. and what you have done shows no progress. I think you should give what you have done to the community, to prove you have done anything at all and give hope to the few players that remain.

elrunethe2nd wrote:
I can see the 80 files through the internet.
Did you use these?

I hear they're great for that sort of thing.
Elfprince, you do realise elrune is right on some points.
Taking a project of this size with a team of two and expecting results, as well as keeping it as far from the people as you can really isn't the way to go.
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