I undertook the project to create a train for The Better Mod for Blockland, and I have nearly completed it. I only need to export the .max files (I created it with the trial version of 3ds max 7) to .dts files and create the tracks. Several Cemetech members including xTheLostx and Alex10819 have helped me so far, and Ultimate Dev'r will hopefully help me put the finishing touches on. Screenshots:

awesome! i wish you woulda shrunk those down some though...
The pix? Oops, I really shoulda. Oh well.
We'll of course need some trained engineers in Cemetech City. Smile
hehe, looks cool

@alex = just use the firefox extension called "Image Zoom" (or Zoom Image, whatever). then you can just right click the image, and zoom out Wink
wait... we gotta be trained to drive that thing? is there a way to get a bot to do it?
Y'know, I haven't gotten the hang of bots yet, but I bet I could...
ha! AiO has automatic bots... but i dont think they drive...
That's cool. I didn't mean people need to be trained to drive so much as they need to know what the route is like.
I'd be willing to learn
Cool. Of course, we need to make the server and map first... Rolling Eyes
oh yeah, that would be helpful, lets get this this going
Good call. Ult Dev, how's the server going??
Very well actually; I've cleaned up my new room, selected a futon as my bed, a new computer desk, and I've installed a few of my computers onto my old computer desk (including the server). Right now I'm working on the family computer, and after that I'll be installing Debian Linux onto the new server Smile Very Happy Very Happy
yay, then I can Play Ckicken with the Train lol (I have that song stuck in my head) Cowboy Troy if you guys are wondering
I have the Weenie in a Bottle song by Weird Al Yankovich stuck in my head Laughing

Just gotta figure out why my computer refuses to boot to any of my boot media.
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
I have the Weenie in a Bottle song by Weird Al Yankovich stuck in my head Laughing

oook... ever see his movie? (UHF)

as to the boot media issue, maybe it just hates you...
UHF rocks. It is so funny.
i like that giant rock Smile of course, the wheel of fish game looked like lots of fun...
Anyway, getting back on topic... Rolling Eyes
What do you think is the boot problem with your comp?
Already fixed; it's in another topic about the cable select.

oook... ever see his movie? (UHF)

No, but I will soon Smile
I rented Revenge of the Nerds yesterday; it has a lot of nudity and drug usage, yet on the box it's rated PG13...my parents aren't too happy about that Laughing
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