I got the file, but I haven't installed the prog yet. I'm waiting to hear how everyone else likes it.
I was thinking the same thing, well, maybe someone else will be the crash dummy
i take offense to that... and it wont be me this time Smile
sorry, had to say that, meant no offense by it
Laughing We're just crashing dummies all over the place, aren't we?
PSST... hey rivereye, lets find out what happens if someone calls Kerm dumb...

no, im just kidding... i dont think anyone thinks you're stupid Kerm...
Laughing Thanks, that (intelligence) is one thing I hapen to pride myself upon. Very Happy
and you should, you are a genius to a degree I really haven't seen. What is your IQ, anyways?
I dunno, I never really took an IQ test. My SAT was 1600 though Cool
well, I hope I can do good on my SAT, but I will probably fail the english portion.
Laughing Being the editor-in-chief of the newspaper helped a bit to train me for that. Razz
well, math shouldn't be a problem for me. When I finished my compostion of functions program, he called me a genius, and I reassured with my following programs.
huh... i took a test for hepatitis, and passed with an "A", 2 "B"'s, and a "C"

sry... bad joke...

havent taken the SAT yet... that comes this year...
My IQ is 150; beat that! Razz

PSST... hey rivereye, lets find out what happens if someone calls Kerm dumb...

I bet $100 you'd get suspended Laughing
even if you know Kerm probably.
that, or he laughs it off and changes your sig to something mean...
Laughing That's probably what I'd do. And maybe modify your signature too. Very Happy
ugh... please dont do anything mean... you guys are always pickin' on me!
I might installX-Cad today, see how it is.
Did you do that?
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