yeah, Hart was a genius and Jon kida held it together. Come back people.
what was the requirements for this "Ultimate Pong" thing again?
4 paddels, one on each side of the screen, and one ball to bounce around. As the game progress, the paddels get closer together, eventually forming a box, and then a winner. Besides that, just regular old pong.
hart wrote:
I also had a couple questions about your code. You initialize the variable E by getting a random number between -37 and -37. If this is actually what you want to do, why don't you just store -37 as E because they mean the same thing? I also was wondering why you erase the paddle and ball first? Wouldn't it make sense to first display the paddle and ball and then erase them after you have gotten a keypress from the user?

I'm guessing that's a typo and he meant

I'll check all this out.
Cool - was I right that that was a typo, or was it an intentionally removed feature?
ok, regards to the rand int. I put that in orginally when the paddels started a few pixels off the screen, and made a rectangle. During the coding, I figured a square was easier, so I went with that. The E varible is one of the varibles for ball location. I wanted the ball to appear in a random spot, add a dimension to game play, but when I went square, A decided against the one direction of randomness. So Kerm, it is a typo, but yeah Hart, in should be -37->E. Tell me why would it be -37 - 37, then the ball would start off the screen.

As to the erasing before drawing, as too the erasing at the beginning, that is for when the paddles move in after a bounce I need it to wait, else then I get a loop of problems, otherwise, then they are erased after a keypress, then redrawn at their new location. The ball is ereased befor the new one is drwan to prevent having 2 on the sreen at once. If you have anymore questions, contact me.
Cool, glad that's cleared up. Smile
I have a semi-working prototype of Ultimate Pong, at present I'm working on hit detection and optimizing. Graphing Calculator
Great, we'll have another entry! Exclamation
what the hell, i'll try too....
Yay! This'll be a great issue of the Elite Newsletter... Smile
yeah, what, we have Kerm's, mine, Kuro's, and Kllrnohj's Ultimate Pong. are there any other submissions?
let's see, Jon made one, and TI-Freak8x made one, didn't he?
Jon's was abandonded, but he may have finished it, and I don't think TI-Freak8x made one, but I may be mistaken
Oh, you very well may be right about that...
Fear not! I'm back (sort of). See my thread. [ontopic]When are we going to give rivereye full membership and all of the magical wonders that come with it?[/ontopic]
Eh, as soon as we accept (if we do) his latest project pending approval. You have to have published Eliteness to be an Elite! Smile
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