I have an Epson ECM-A0294 graphic lcd screen, salvaged from an old Brother word processor (although all i have now is the screen). It is monochromatic, 640x240 pixels, and around 9x3 inches. The controller chips are 6x HD61200 (labeled X1-X6 on the pcb) and 2x HD61203 (labeled Y1 and Y2 on the pcb). This screen originally connected to the Brother motherboard through a 10 pin connection. I am looking to use this screen for text output, and possibly graphics in a device to be hooked up to my stereo, essentially an old computer motherboard with a decent sized harddrive (for storing mp3s), and an ir reciever, to allow me to control it with a remote. I have already dealt with the issue of the backlight, and have constructed the high voltage supply to drive the el panel (a far easier task i assume than interfacing to the lcd).
Here's the datasheet for a similar screen, the Epson ECM-A0635-2, and the controller chips HD61200 HD61203. To be able to interface this lcd you'll need to figure out the pinout of the lcd (a logic probe would be helpful for this task). Do you happen to remember what the model number of the old Brother word processor you pulled this out of was?
Actually, im not sure why I wrote Brother, it was a Smith Corona PWP 3100. (I searched through my closet and found part of it, the keyboard and from bezel; no motherboard though, but it had the model number)

The spec sheets from the page prescribed above still reference a 14 pin interface, while the lcd screen I have only has 10 pins.
You've got two choices then: either buy a new lcd online for ~$5 and save yourself the hassle of what's to come, or if you're bored you can try and reverse engineer this lcd module. I can help with both. If you want to go the hard way, then the first thing you need to do is trace back where all 10 of those pins on the connector go to on the board (a multimeter will be very helpful with this step).
Good luck, this sounds like a pretty fun project. And welcome back, Ultimate Dev'r, it's great to see you again.
KermMartian wrote:
And welcome back, Ultimate Dev'r, it's great to see you again.

Seconded. Sure haven't seen you around in a long while. Now imagine if jpez were to return. Evil or Very Mad
He did post a couple weeks back in lafferjm's quitting smoking thread
he comes on SAX sometimes (twice) asking for programming help.
I don't call that returning. Rolling Eyes

@elite.lumberjack: How's it going? Have you tried reverse engineering the lcd or did you get a new one to interface with?
I have attempted (with little/no success) to reverse engineer the lcd. I can make it display random areas turned on by sending it some ttl data with some dip switches. However, all my attempts to control the lcd with computer software has led to at most unintelligible garbles images on the lcd. I am thinking it is definately easier to use a pda as a screen (I have several ipaq color pdas, and a palm V, and a nino (black and white, win ce); with a simple program to accept a serial data communication of some sort, although i would rather have the wide aspect ratio of the epson lcd.
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