There hasn't been any news in a while, so I thought it would be a good idea to mention that the file archives now accept updates to existing files. This is a feature that I have wanted to add for a long time, as previously the only way to update a file was to email me a new zip file and a new description. Authors can now browse to one of their files, choose Update File, and change the description or title, add or remove coauthors, add screenshots, or even upload a new version of the file with either the same or a different name. Also, as noted on the Cemetech forum, new file uploads and updates are now shown for up to a week on the front page of Cemetech. Please upload all of your projects and programs to Cemetech, or get to downloading, rating, and reviewing the files available! Feel free to post in the attached topic if you have feature suggestions or bug reports about the archives.
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