185. You buy one of those USB numberpads for your laptop
186. You've actually worn out at least one USB flash drive
187. You know what USB stands for
188. You've come up with hilarious (to you) variations on the meaning.
189. You almost said out loud "It's Universal Serial Bus!" when you read #187.
190. You immediately purchased a Female to Mini-A cable when USBDriver8x was released.
191. You already had one
192. Your calculators are worth more than a computer
193. Your calculator has at least one mod installed.
194. You have a USB CD player for your calc
195. You made a USB adapter so you could fit memory cards into your calc USB port and watch movies
196. You connected your calc to the internet
197. You persuaded others to connect theirs also Razz
198. You design viruses for the online calculators.
199. You design an anti-virus program for the online calculators.
200. You manage to make money off of the anti-virus program.
201. You name the Virus Blub the destroyer.
202. When found out, and asked why you did it, you try to blame it on blub.

(Broke 200! Smile)
203. You post in this topic
204. You make an addiction test based on the qualities listed in this topic and market it
205. You would never try to blame anything on Blub >(v') Razz
206. You point out how 198-202 sounds like your sig
207. You already knew that
208. You have a self-appointed title on a calculator web site
209. You have every calculator web site book marked
210. You never use these as it's quicker for you to type them from memory
211. You use your calculators clock more than your wrist watch
212. You know why I am bringing up this topic...
213. You wish your calculator had an alarm feature
214. You mod it so it does and wake up each morning to the official cemetech sound (you know that thing where the guy goes CEMETECH Leading the way to the future!)
215. Your calculator has fallen out of your bed Laughing
216. You say "Ow" when your calc falls on the floor
217. You don't wear a wrist watch because it's more convenient to use your calc's clock
218. You got kicked out of programming for being too smart
219. You have multiple graphlinks
220. You "collect all the colors" of TI-83+s
221. After you've collected all the colors, you make new ones.
222. You just can't understand why there is only one color for other calcs, like TI-89's.
223.You pride yourself on how many calcs you have.
224. When you drop your calc and it gets messed up, you email TI and ask them for a refund Razz
225. You posted a long rant about 224 on your calc-related website
226. You make statistics pages for just about everything
227. You recite the Code of Blub in your sleep
228. You do it perfectly
229. You refresh your browser every minute to check your download stats.
230. You never use your mouse anymore because of keyboard shortcuts, only to play Blockland.
231. You control the mouse cursor with your calc, which is almost always connected to your computer.
Laughing @ 231
232. you scorn computer apps class cuz you have to define such trivial words as "HTML"
233. when asked to define "Web Authoring Software", you put down "the spawn of satan"
234. when you get in trouble for 233, you defend yourself with "if the whole world went WYSIWYG, 36 kittens would die everyday!"
235. when expelled for 236, you sue the school stating "1 @|\/| uß3r 1337!!!!1111!!!"
236. You can read 235
237. Your college has pi written on the bathroom walls (true story!)
238. your math teacher refuses to believe that TI basic can solve math problems faster then him
239. you wrote down your TI-BASIC program's source to prove him wrong
240. you have issues cuz you hate showing work on math problems...
241. Whenever your answer doesn't agree with the teacher's, he changes the answer key
242. You use your calc to extrapolate download trends and update them everyday
243. You have to compute statistics for everything
244. All of the other students in your C programming class beg you to help them.
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