Fixes for various things, 4 unlocked bricks, removed the k'nex, messed with a lot of models, better weapons, 2 new hats, money system, etc. Get it from the files of

even though registration is free, I'll also provide a direct download link:
I highly recommend you give this version a try if you're developing TBG, as it has all my badass weapon and vehicle code, as well as improved versions of existing TBM models (colorable fro, decent-looking cap, etc.) and new models, like my Flat Top and Pony Tail hairs.
No K'NEX == win. If anything, it should have been LEGO Technic.
If you're wondering what exactly makes my weapon/vehicle code badass, it's the little details. Things like the gunpack making two sounds while shooting green turbo laser bolts, and the d-wing shooting green blasts alternating between it's two guns. Then theres the freezegun that actually stuns people (quite hilariously, I might add) and uses the same death vehicle effect on bricks (finally adding physics to the bricks without memorizing console commands) if the user is a super admin. Also most of the weapons have a recoil animation and and appropriate projectile spread, so no more sniping with the minigun or laser repeater.
the content is pretty impressive, I hope you're planning to support TBG when we release. also today I was having thoughts about how epic the use multitouch features would make building in the mac version (if i can find a way to incorporate it so that it detects if you have 10.5 and lets you use it if you do, but also lets you run on older versions.
of course it will be ported to TBG, that's my ultimate goal. Though feel free to include whatever code/models/maps you want from this in the official TBG download.

Oh, and GreyMario just released a kickass hfl based news system (hfl basically allows for everything you can do with html, but in torque).
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